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1. Posted by mrcanadian (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello all
some friends and i are planning on travelling around Europe of the summer of 2010 once we graduate from high school.
so i was just wondering if anybody has done this before and how much it will cost a person, where they went and where they stayed, what they did and any other information they can give me


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A rough guide if you want to live cheaply whilst still seeing things would be 50-60 Euro a day (more if Iceland, Norway or any other Scandinavian country is involved). If you wanted to get drunk every couple of nights you'd need to add more on to this budget. By the year 2010 prices will probably have changed somewhat so I wouldn't count on what I have said above still being accurate in 2 and a half years time. You sure are planning a long way in advance!!!!

What sorts of places are you interested in ie historical places, party cities, photogenic places, great nature etc? If you let people know some of this then you would have a lot better luck in getting suggestions of worth while places.

A lot of people about your age would like Amsterdam. London is a must go to place for any age group. I personally loved Moscow and St Petersburg but that wouldn't be for everyone. Rome is great as is most of Italy except Naples or Napoli as it is known in Italy. Let us know more about your interests and then you'll get more replies.

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This is a great idea. You will have the time of your live! I did it a couple of years ago.

Trains and buses in Europe are very expensive, so your best bet is to get an all inclusive ticket. For Europeans this is called an interrail ticket, and Americans I met were using I’m not sure if Canadians can use the Eurail ticket, but you have plenty of time to research and find that out!

Once, you’ve bought your plane ‘n train tickets, I would set aside roughly €1,500 per person, per month. But again, this depends on what you do, and how good you are with your money!

There is also a huge difference in price between western and eastern Europe. Check out average hostel prices on so you know how much you should budget for each city.

Top 5 cities of my trip were;

I heard good things about Dubrovnik, but unfortunately ran out of time, and money.

Best of luck planning. It’s a form of torture planning a trip well in advance. I’m planning a round the world trip for 2009, through S.America, Cuba, Canada, the States, China, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and the Australia. I'm really starting to get itchy feet and can't wait to go

4. Posted by mrcanadian (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Ok,thanks for your help answer your question
my friends and I want to see all the cool stuff(so no meusmes etc. lol)
We wanna have a good time, so defintly Amsterdam! London,Berlin etc. places where we can have some good fun.
we also wanna see some sites -effle tower -berlin wall -buckingham palace etc. any big sites
i'm not sure what the drinking age is over in most of the countires, but i wont turn 18 until the middle of the trip in august, so i thought i'd mention that

anything else you need to know?

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Eurolines bus pass is much more economical or better yet flying between points but you have to have plastic/credit card.could buy secured one...Amsterdam is quite pricey same as here in canada....Spain is not to be missed then...The bus pass enables you to save on nights accomodation by choosing night buses.but limited on in country travel.ryan air is the best bet for flying ..summer time you can camp but even thats dear compared to here..Paris is pretty expensive food and accomodation wise too. plan your trips around the edge of cities and it will be bet for your money , go to morocco where your dollar gets you seven and average is 10 dollars a night,different culture and its close,marrakech is one of the most exotic cities you'll has a heartbeat all of its own.keep your sense of humor and haggle hard but politely if you do the net and check it out.have fun planning.:)

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