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1. Posted by mtlchica (Respected Member 922 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Heya everyone!

I was wondering if any of you out there knew any wonderful secrets on how to fall asleep. Ever since I started working overnight shifts, my off-day sleeping habits have began to suffer - I'm falling alseep at 5 a.m. or, like tonight, I fall asleep for a couple hours at midnight and wake up at 2 a.m. wide awake until 6 a.m. Now if it was a full-time gig I would just grin and bare it, but I only do an average of 3 days a week (it varies) and the other 4 days are just insanity. I hate to admit it, but there have been times when I popped extra-strength tylonols to make me drowsy enough to crash...any healthier suggestions? They'd be greatly appriciated! Hugs to you all!

Katie ;)

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I have problems sleeping most of the time too, exercise like swimming or doing yoga an hour before you sleep is a good way to tire the body out, the other idea's that I hear a lot (they don't work for me but they do for two friends), is hot drinks like camomile before sleep, soothing music before sleeping is supposed to relax the body......... if none of them work you can get herbal sleeping tablets.....

Hope some of this helps. ;)


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My whole life, I have had problems sleeping. 25 years later, I am still tired each day, living on about 5 hrs sleep each night. Anyway, I am in the process of reading a book called "Say Goodnight to Insomnia," by Gregg Jacobs. I have only just started, so I can't yet tell you if it has helped. However, it helped tremendously a friend of mine. It's worth a shot, right?
Good luck!

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I'm was also a long term insomniac, so can't really help much. I would say that finding the thickest and most boring book you can find (ideally needs to a text book, on th emost boring subject you can find) and force yourself to read it before you go to bed (with no tv/radio etc as a distraction, except maybe some sort of calm and monotonous pan pipe music, or the like). It works maybe half the time, and if it doesn't work, you have the bonus that you get to become an expert on the chemical properties of the Spiney Haired Echidna or whatever the heck you read...

Good luck.

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Thx for the tips guys....I actually slept properly for the first time in weeks lat night. I think going to a baseball game is the (because the cheering tires ya out, not because it's boring - YAY EXPOS! )

Raven: I find that exercise makes me pumped up, which is why I can only do it in the morning...but I'm going to try the camomille tea suggestion (my mom also suggested it) next time I have sleep issues.

cg8tr: Good luck with the book, let me know if it helps you :)

Gelli: Already read that one....any more topic suggestions?

Katie ;)