Ever appled for dual citizenship? If so, please help =)

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I am an American, applying for Irish citizenship through my Grandfather (he was born in Dublin). I have all my papers in order, all the documents I need -- except for 1 piece of paper that is starting to haunt me. The Consulate says that I need my Grandparents marriage certificate (which is fine, I have it right here in front of me) and also their "marriage license application." Now, they were married in NYC, so I first called the church, who told me to call the NYC Marriage Bureau --- which I did. Unfortunately, they acted like they'd never heard of a marriage license application, and insisted that I what I really needed was a "Long Form marriage certificate for use in a foreign jurisdiction." (A mouthful, I know!) So I called the Consulate back, and then they acted like they had no clue what such a thing was. I am starting to wonder if these two documents are basically the same thing just with different titles -- but before I spend $35 on it, I'd like to be completely sure. So, if any of you have ever applied for Irish citizenship, can you please tell me which document you sent in to the Consulate? Thank you so much.

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I have a suspicion, and you are not going to like it:

If the "marriage license application" is what I think it is thenwe have something similar to it in Germany. If two German citizens get married abroad together without this license, they need to have that marriage recognised by German law or they are not considered to be a married couple.

Now since your grandparents got married in NYC it could be that they might have been married according to US-law, but not according to Irish law. And there goes your claim to citizenship.

It is just a piece of guesswork, but I would not be surprised if this was the case. International private law is very complicated.

If I was you, I would shell out the 35 USD for the Long Form marriage certificate for use in a foreign jurisdiction, as this is the paper Germans who got married in the US need to have their marriage recognised in Germany.

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It is not easy to get dual nationalities, I know an Attorney who does it, it does not matter how difficult it is to obtain, the guy is expensive but fine, it takes about one year to get it the legal way, do not try otherwise. This guys's name is Joseph A. de LA CUETARA, I do not have his contact information. He did it for me about 12 years ago and I have not had any problems the only thing is that you have to enter the country of which you have a passport with their passport, not necessary for leaving the country.