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I am a 17 year old from Canada who has been to Spain once and is itching to go again. I loved absolutely everything about this country. I will be starting University next year, in either Ottawa or Toronto, and in my third year I will have the chance to travel to several places in Spain for a full year of study. Here are my top choices: Granada, Sevilla, Valencia , Barcelona or Madrid. To be honest, I am currently leaning towards either Sevilla or Granada. So I have two questions: What do you think would be the best place to visit for a university student who is equally interested in partying and studying and a good number of beautiful Spanish chicas (my favourite part of Spain)? Second Question: What is the weather like yearly in Granada? I know it has nice and hot summers, but how cold does it get on average? What would be the average high temperature in Granada in the winter months? Remember I am asking for the average HIGH temperature, not just the average temperature. Example: What would the high be on a normal January 10th day in Granada? Sorry for the long post, I hope you guys can help. Gracias.

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The statistics for Granada:

Seems that the average high (so daytime temparature) is around 12-13 degrees. But know that Granada is on the foot of the Sierra Nevada, so if the wind is coming from there, it will be feeling colder than that. (and the mornings will be cold!)

In my opinion Granada and Salamanca are popular choices to go and study. Both places have a large number of exchange students. Personally I love Madrid.

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Ive lived in Alicante, and it gets cooold! It can go down to 0 celcius.
The houses arent really made for cold weather so you will freeze.
I come from Norway and its cold there, but + 5 celcius in Spain is like - 10 celsius in Norway!

Granada is really nice, Valencia is great, Sevilla beautiful, Barcelona is good too and I love Madrid.
Alicante is really nice to even though you dont have it on your list.
You can find party anywhere in Spain.

Find out where you can do your study, and read about the citys.

Im pretty sure you will love it no matter where you end up ;)

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Well, let me argue about that... going below zero degrees in winter is something pretty normal in Spain, not in the mediterranean shoreline of course, but pretty much anywhere else.

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Well, I would recommend you Bilbao and Vitoria, in the Basque Country, but this is the region I come from, so maybe it doesn't count :-P They are not the cheapest cities in Spain anyway, but there is a great atmosphere, culture, great food and people.

Salamanca is the typical option, so I would ignore it.
Granada is absolutely great. And Valencia (as foreigners I know who have stayed say) it's a great place to be, by the sea, big enough not to be bored, but small enough not to be stressed (as in bigger cities).