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I am booking a trip to Australia for March 08, I will have £2000 to spend ish, I was wondering how long this will last me, I will only be doing one expensive trip I think I will learn to Dive on the Barrier Reef but that is it. I am also planning on doint the 3 months Fruitpicking so this will earn me some money? Do some of the fruitpicking employers provide u with a hostel to stop in and meals??? I was hoping that the £2000 would last me a couple of months starting in sydney with Ozintro then travelling up to Cairns doing some fruitpicking on the way!!!!!

Or should I just stop worrying and get it all booked and see what happens when I get there????

cheers Jamie

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2000 pounds is roughly 4600 AUD (slightly less than the 'required' (not that they ever check) AUD 5000 in funds for a WHV). At an average expense of AUD60 per day (realistic for traveling from destination to destination every week, staying in small dorms and eating supermarket food; you can do cheaper outside the big cities, but activities add a lot of costs, so don't in advance count on being able to spend less), that'll last you two and a half months.

I never went fruitpicking myself, so don't really know what the common setup for that is - I'm sure someone will come along soon who can help with that, though. (I do know that I've heard a lot of horror tales about it, and that only relatively few people manage to do it for a long enough amount of time to get significant income from it; it might help if you take the attitude that work on a WHV is there to stretch how far your money will take you, not to actually earn you more.)

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Oh right thanks for the advice. I thought you needed a return flight booked or sufficient funds for one?? I thought it was $4500aud u needed??? Oh well will have to find a little extra cash from somewhere.:)

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It's $5000 AND an outbound flights or sufficient additional funds to purchase one.
See here:

Financial requirements

You must have access to sufficient funds to support yourself for the initial stage of your holiday. Generally, AUD$5,000 may be regarded as sufficient, but the amount may vary depending on your length of stay and the extent of your travel. You should also have a return or onward ticket or the funds for a fare to depart Australia.

But as I said, they never check: people have been asking and telling about this requirement for as long as I've been on this forum (nearly three years now; wow, time flies), and I've never seen anyone say that they were asked for proof of funds.
On the other hand, Australian Immigration does know what they're doing; most backpackers will be spending at least that much money, so yeah, having a little extra cash available beforehand does seem like a good idea. :)

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am not likin the sounds od the "horror stories" youve heard bout fruitpickin lol! im scared stupid of spiders n wanna do fruitpickin in oz which i know is prolly guna be impossible! what have u heard?? am watchin im a celebrity get me outta here to try brave myself lol!

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Yeah i'm not liking that either. What are these horror stories????

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I don't remember any specifics - just having read on various experiences people have had over the years. Things like working slightly too early in the season, with not enough of some type of fruit ripe yet, causing the total production to be so low as to earn them some ridiculously low amount of money per hour which was completely not worth it. Tales about specific types of fruit to avoid because it was rally, really, really hard and painful work. Tales on specific hostels/farms to avoid because of abusive owners, leaving backpackers stranded without transport.
I remember talking with other backpackers in Australia who had done fruit picking, but had with most tries quit after a week or two (sometimes even a day or two) because of how hard the work was, much preferring city work. Of course, this was before the second WHV existed, so the incentive to do three months of seasonal labour was much lower.

There's people who've had good experiences with it all as well, no doubt... *searches the forums a bit*
Here's a rather useful thread by someone who stuck out the three months: fruitpicking 101 - which also includes that "too early in the season" experience. Do note advice like "if you're being treating badly, leave!" - it's definitely not all good.