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1. Posted by tane79 (Budding Member 20 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys !!!!! I'm a kiwi wanting to travel to Europe next year in May, I have a friend who lives in Oberglat, Zurich Switzerland, I can stay there as a base... I am wishing to travel to Italy, France, Germany etc, via train I'm thinking of purchasing a Euro Rail Global pass for about 15 days, I might be doing the trips solo.... any advice guys ??? anyone done something similar ????

any suggestions on places to check out ?!????

I was thinking of staying in Zurich for about 2 - 3 nights check Switzerland out... my friend will show me around.. then train to Italy.. do a few days there... then maybe France, Germany later ?????

Any advice would be appreciated !!!

thanks !!


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Hey Tane!

Maybe you should check before you decide for Interrail Global pass.
Well, I'm getting around by train everyday but I've never travelled this way so... I guess I don't like to be tie to time when I'm travelling and loosing so much time on getting somewhere... I know it's even harder to rent a car especially if you are alone (and driving on the wrong side ;) - actually, I spent 2 months in New Zealand this year so I'm pretty familiar with circumstances) but hey what about cheap flights... Here in Europe is plenty of air-companies:,, I hope I helped you a little bit.

All the best, U.

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Hi Tane,

If you want to go to Switzerland, and travel after your trip to Switzerland, then make yourself an initerary, and check That should give you the best option. There are a lot of budgetflights available within Europe, so check out some of those companies (there are a lot more than just ryanair and easyjet). But a lot would of course depend on where you want to go. As you are located in the Center of Europe you can go to a lot of places fast, by using the train, and with a few flights pretty much everywhere in Europe.

I you plan to do trips from Switzerland and returning to base camp after every trip, then you are restricting yourself to where you can go. It would also depend on the number of days you want these trips to last.

I think that you should at least make an Italian trip (take a lot of time for Rome!!), and then return to Switzerland, going to Florence, Venice and/or Cinque Terre. Maybe one of the mountains lakes (like Lake Como or Garda)

4. Posted by tane79 (Budding Member 20 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the reply's guys !

I got an email back from a contact in Italy he lives in Bologna.. that contact could come in handy ! I am definitely going to Italy I know that much.. and Rome also... any other cool citys in Italy that you could recommend ??? I will check the Interail out thanks for the tip..

I don't intend on hiring a car just for myself.. I actually like flying.. it could save alot of time.. I thought the flights might be too expensive but I will check that also....

Someone suggested that I do Germany, France, Italy then back to Switzerland ???

Once again thanks for the reply posts ! hope to get some more back !!!!