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dbloom-you da man!

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Whatever your dream is, whether backpacking and "chicken bussing" around off the beaten paths of Central and/or South America to biking, driving or motorcycling from Alaska to Chile, traveling through Asia and Africa...Google up Andy The Hobotraveler, Andy, a US Citizen is on the road over 9 years and offers a Bloq that comes in daily.
A few on these forums will tell you how "they" travel, fine, does not mean that you and I should get in lockstep and travel how "he" travels...I just loved the "foreign" countries part, when I drove from USA to Guatemala the worst drivers I encountered were in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Having driven along Baja California a few years ago and being told so many horror stories prior to leaving, I beleive the risk of something happening is obviously present, but the likelihood of something happening is certainly lowered by not being an idiot.

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I´m currently travelling with a car from Mexico(now i´m in Equador)

The road condition of Mexico was good but only in the toll road.(anyway the other roads are better than other southern countries)

You should always avoid weekends when you cross the border becuase you have to pass the customs but usally they don´t work on Saturday and Sunday

Your car should be registered under your name(I bought and registered my car in Mexico w/out any problem. it costs around 50 USD)

You should always keep your passport, international drivers license, permission from the custom(Aduana) with you because those are all the police requests you.

In Mexico you need a car insurance but poilces do not mind.(in case of me, i made a small accident w/out insurance but the police didn´t care my insurance)

GPS receiver and some kind of gps program on your lap-top will be greatly helpful as well as for your memory.

if you need some more informations, i will help you.

my email address is behappy37 gmail.com

good luck!

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