how much will £5000 GBP last

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1. Posted by chris_k (Budding Member 18 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

hi there going to Oz and NZ next year will have about 5000 british pounds. How long will this last out there i'm gonna get a visa so will work as well

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I spent £1200 per month travelling round Oz but you could do it cheaper than this if you are careful. Obviously if you have a work visa to supplement your spends that will make a difference.

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Assuming you'll have that much spending money there (so don't need to pay your flight from it as well) a long, long way. 5000 pounds is roughly 11800 AUD.
If you stay in small dorms at decent quality hostels, buy supermarket food to cook your own dinners, and travel by bus or train to the next destination about once a week, you should on average spend $60-70 per day. So your 5000 pounds will last you for six months. That means you'll be in the enviable position of not really needing to work all that much - just enough to stretch the money into lasting twice as long. 2-3 hours a day of cleaning in the hostel in exchange for free accommodation would basically be all you'd need to do to make the money stretch for an entire year.
Even if you do a lot of activities and daytrips and frequently go out partying, you shouldn't ever get above spending $100 per day, which means you'd still have enough money for four months of that.

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My boyfriend and I spent an average of £65 per day between us, including car rental. That's somewhere around $155. From a very quick calculation £5000 would therefore have lasted us 76 days on that budget.

Hope this helps.

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i brought 2200 gbp to oz in the summer.. the necessary amount needed for getting a working holiday visa. i ended up not working as my 3 month trip was cut down to 2 months as i had to go home for a resit at uni :( anyway...i made the mistake of blowing alot of my savings in the 1st 2 weeks...almost idea how..but i mananged to survive on just over a grand for the remaining 6 weeks.. i did have to use my credit card a few times for booking frasier island and whitsundays which was about 300 pounds in total. expect to pay at least 26 aussie dollars (just over 10 quid) for a hostel per night..and u can make really cheap meals like pasta, noodles or even better if ure mates with people in the hostel put money in and make a proper meal together it works out so cheap. all in all id say 5 grand will easily last u 5 months... just depends on whether ure planning to do a bungee jump or sky dive as they are a hundred quid or so. if ure gona work too i think u are pretty well set up.. i no people who went with about a grand and worked straight away and saved up and i no a guy who took 8 grand and only worked a little both of them stayed for nearly a year. 5000 will def set u up tho i think u will be there for a looong time...lucky u

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