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Europe Tour This Summer, and Iceland!

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11. Posted by angela_ (Respected Member 1732 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Flights might be a bit cheaper in the off-season, but it's mostly just about timing with Iceland Express. Book as soon as possible and you will most likely get the cheapest tickets available.

I don't think you will find cheaper accommodation than the hostels you listed. It's a bit cheaper if you get the HI hostel membership. It helped me a lot when I went travelling. If my calucations are right it's about £450 for the 5 of you for a week.

If the buspass is 23.800 ISK then that's £190, not 19p...

The prices I could find for rental cars weren't very good.. They were mostly for 2007. But I'll have a look for you and get back to you.
I did find a car rental that has motorhomes, that might be a cheaper option, as it's transport and accommodation in one..

12. Posted by Sam2000 (Inactive 121 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Estonia - I think I just want to go places that other people don't want to visit...I actually don't know a huge amount about the country, but I've heard great things about the landscape. Now, Latvia is deffinately a country I want to visit for a whole wealth of reasons! I've made a New Years resolution to visit six mainland Europe countries this year, starting with France (Paris specifically) then going on to Estonia and Latvia.

Iceland - the £190 seems more realistic, this is what it came up with on the website:

23.800 ISK = 0.190866 GBP
Iceland Kronur - United Kingdom Pounds



The hostels I looked at were from a list recomended by a friend who has been there before, he said they were all good prices.

A motorhome seems a good option, it would make my mum a lot happier (she didn't seem to keen on the bus when I mentioned it), it would mean I couldn't drive it but I think I can live with that. Man alive is Iceland expensive...More so than I thought before! Its not like England where you fly to London and everything is there or a short train journey away!

Thanks for the help!

13. Posted by Ant-Cheryl (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi there,

I just read your first message now - maybe a little late but i hope to fill you with a little enthusiasm again.

I did a trip around Europe last summer in an old Mercedes 190E. It was by far the best holiday that i had been on. Because there are no time limits for when you would have to leave each place you can relax and see the sites and if you dont like somewhere you can move on easily enough!

We had no problems with safety at all. Although i was with 2 guys i was never bothered and everyone was lovely to us adn helped us as much as they could all the way around.

Our car broke down in Germany after 5000 miles odd and everyone helped us get the car to the garage, put us first as they knew it was our form of transport and we met some lovely people.

The trip was so good that in a month my partner and i are setting off on a round the world trip in a VW Syncro. we will be doing Europe again and more of Eastern Europe as well and then further east from there right the way down to NZ. i think that as long as you can do it it is the best form of transport.

Dont let your age put you off either as i am only 18 and my partner is the same age as you.

You can email me or drop me a msg on this if you want any more information about this,

Cheryl MacPhail

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