anyone spiritual?? Or into personal growth?

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1. Posted by nz21 (Budding Member 13 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone. I would like to know if anyone here is spiritual or into personal growth?

I believe travel is linked to personal growth and I would love to hear how travel has enhanced or changed you as a person. What has it made you more aware of? Are you more happier?

Tell me anything about the topic.

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Hi there,

I totally agree with u and travelling ( a year overseas) had a great effect on me and I experienced a lot.

Already before I left Austria, I was very into 'mental training', 'positive thinking' etc. I
believe that u can only be happy and healthy, if ur mind, body and soul work together. That everything has a reason and that everything u do today, will come back to u in the future.

In the last year I met many, many people from all over the world and talking to them just opened my eyes. I realised how beautiful my home country is, how many possibilities we have and that it is a kind of 'holy world': hardly any crime, violence, no war, enough jobs, a good social network, schools without having to pay for them etc.
I became aware how lucky I was to grow up here and that I never had to worry about surviving and my future.

Moreover I learned a lot about myself and I'd say, that I changed a lot inside. I got a different attitude towards life and I saw many things from a different point of view.
Specially between the age of 15-18 I was always rushing around, training like an idiot and I couldn't take a break at all. In the last 2 years I really learned to relax and to 'go with the flow'. To take life much easier and not always try to be so bloddy perfect.
Problems I was running away from the last few years, didn't dissapear and I knew, that I had to start working on them and look for solutions.

Then I met the love of my life. Again I learned a lot and I became a different person: a year ago I would have never considered marriage, having children or living together with my boyfriend.
I would have never thought, that I'd go back to AUT, unpack my bags and a few months later pack them again, to go back to NZ for ??? 2 years? 3,4,5? the rest of my life?
(I've bought the ticket today, so that I can be with him soon;))
A year ago, I would have never given up this great future here, for 'a boyfriend' and I would have never changed my plans of going abroad.

When I was overseas I found out, who my REAL best friends were and I was surprised very often, who emailed or phoned me. I also learned that soemtimes you have to let go, you can't be in touch with everone u meet in ur life and if u r not important to them, leave them.
There r always people who appreciate ur company, so better spend ur time with them, instead of wasting it for somebody else, who isnt interested anyway.
"You always have time for things that are important to you!"

I could write so much more, but I better go and do some work.
Not to forget of course, that a year abroad makes u realise what u had at home:
mum's delicous food, ur family who gave u heaps of hugs and kisses and was there for u, when u needed them, ur own bed, a wamr room in winter, clean and dry clothes etc.

I think everybody who went backpacking or travelling once in his life, knows what I'm talking about!

Hope there will be some more replies to nz21's question


3. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 615 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi nz21,
I agree that you 'grow' inside when you travel. I think you have to go to unfamiliar environments and cultures, and experience how places can be different, yet people are basically the same.
I wish that all the bigots in the world could travel for a year and see just how much everybody else has the same issues in life - and how a different language or colour of skin makes no difference whatsoever.
I left a £30k a year job to travel with my family. We came back and have not returned to that life, instead settling for part-time work in a beautiful part of England, and we do what we want to, not what we have to. The scenery is part of our wages.
I also learned what a wonderful place the UK is - what a rich history it has (along with the rest of Europe, to be honest) and I should appreciate it more. Also, although I knew how 'young' a country Australia was, you only truly feel it when you go there and live it.
I too could waffle on and on about this, but I'll leave it there for now!

4. Posted by travelover (Respected Member 494 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I will always stand by my belief that travel broadens the mind and the soul. The more you know about other cultures, the better you understand where you come from, and just the travelling itself will place you in situations you would never find yourself in back home. You learn a lot about the world, and a lot about yourself as well. You notice the differences in each location you visit, and how it affects you each step of the way. By the time you get back from your travels, you have more pieces in the puzzle of your life. (Pardon the cheesy metaphor )