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Wholesale Flights.com is a Total scam.

Similar thing, was quoted first class, purchased and Josh says I am confirmed on 2 legs and waitlisted on 2 others, and when the seats were released by the airline I would get them. Never received itineraries, Josh's response: out of office, computer down, consolidator issued wrong tickets, harder to correct than thought.

6 weeks later Josh and Gene (the supervisor) Claims it is all taken care of, yet still sends only 2 of the 3 itineraries. I E mail him, no response. Call united and find out they bought me economy tickets and were trying to use some other persons account to get me upgrades to first class. Here is the kicker!!!... United tells me that I DO NOT have first class tickets, only a hold on first class seats. And that unless the named person giving up his miles comes with me to the airport to sign a security document at the time I checked in, I would be seated in economy.

They never had any intention of giving me first class tickets and everything illegal they tried to do was verified by United and considered fraud by them and against all their policies . WF.com claims I am to blame because I called United. Hah. how could calling an airline ever cause a problem with a reservation, UNLESS, the activity that WF is performing is already against airline policy? The only time I got Josh to call me was after I filed a dispute with Am Ex for the $2000 + that WF kept in their pocket and did not use to purchase me the tickets I authorized. I also filed a dispute with United because WF committed a third party fraud by making an unauthorized purchase of economy tickets that are non refundable. It has been 2 and a half month since this nightmare began. Even after Gene Khizver, the general manager, said to me in an e-mail and I quote " EVERYTHING WILL BE REFUNDED AND YOUR FLIGHTS WILL BE CANCELED", Vlad tells me no matter if I dispute the ticket cost, he will not refund any money. So PLEASE, Don't do as I did, STAY FAR AWAY!!!!

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