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Im going to valencia with my sister in december (12-17) and am wondering what we should do there? Whats the weather going to be like?

Ive already decided to eat some paella at a seaside restaurant, have an agua de valencia (cava, OJ and vodka), try some horchata (drink made of chufas roots - either love it or hate it ive heard!), have tapas in the fishermans quarter, El Cabanyal (which ive heard is a bit rough - how rough?) and go out and party on the Calle Caballeros... I also wanna check out the Rastro market which is on sundays starting at 8:30, and buy my food from El Mercado Central...

But what are some must sees in Valencia? Ive heard that it used to have a thriving silk trade, so can you buy good silk products that arent too expensive? Whats the art scene like? Id like to buy a typically spanish/valencian painting, just a small one, are there areas where ppl sell their art on the street? maybe at the market on sunday?

Were both on a budget, so any tips from someone who lives there or has been there before, we'd love to hear it!

were australians so old architechture still makes us walk around with wide eyes - any areas which are especially nice just to walk around and have a coffee in?

can anyone suggest any worthwhile day trips?

and whats the aiport like? were flying with ryanair, and have to fly out at 6:30am on the 17th, so were gonna sleep at the airport, since we'd have to leave at 4:30 to get there by 5:30 to check in... is it safe enough?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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You can start here downloading some of the files:

it's the official tousit website (main):

In December the weather could be fine or terrible, you never know. Defenitively not for swimming The average temperature in Dec. is 15-16 °C but could also rain for a week. Have a look at any of the webcams in the site above the day before you leave.

This is Valencia Airport:

As you can see it's pretty small for a 2 million inhabitants city. That's because Valencia is well conected by train with Madrid and Barcelona, it's main feeders, thus the airport is operated mainly by low cost and regional airlines. It's been recently enlarged and renovated because of the Americas Cup thing. What I mean it's safer than safe (even boring). You'll have no problem. You can take the underground to/from the city.


Valencia is not the most famous or unique city in Spain, some find it sort of tasteless or not specially appealing. Others (me) think it's a nice and warm city with some surprises. Get ready for some Christmas buying fever. You'll find some old architecture but nothing outstanding BUT you'll find SOME outstanding new architecture (you don't mention it but I guess you must have heard anything about one of the main attractions in VLC, the City of Arts & Science. Architect S. Calatrava was born in Valencia so you'll find some of his works there )

A walk alon the (former) riverbed is always nice.

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thanks so much for the reply! yeah to be honest i knew nothing about the city, it was just a really cheap flight (€45 all in, return) so we took it! ill check out those links for sure...

sounds like a week in the city is too long then, can you recommend a good day trip from there? or should be go to barcelona for 3 of the 2 days??

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Its not clear to me if you have 5 or 7 days for the trip.

3 days can be enough for VLC. If you can afford it (time&money) Barcelona is always a nice option. You can get a return ticket VLC-BCN for about 60-70 € in an EUROMED train (3 hours). But 2 days in Barcelona is maybe too short. 4-5 days is ok.

Spanish railways (Renfe):

Take only the Euromed train. The others are regional commuters and take forever to get to BCN.

You dont need to book in advance or anything. Once you're in Valencia just see how's everything going and make the decision there. Maybe you feel comfortable and dont want to get any further. If you do you can buy the tickets in Valencia station at any time.

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When in Valencia go to: Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias and the L'Oceanografic. Plaza de toros by the main train station. If you like art you can go to Museo de las bellas artes and the entrance is free. Have fun in Valencia.

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thanks for all the tips! i think barcelona mite be a bit expensive for us, so can anyone suggest any other cheaper day trips??