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Advise for our (Rio-BA-Bolvia-Peru-Cuba) trip?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Advise for our (Rio-BA-Bolvia-Peru-Cuba) trip?

1. Posted by salmacuk (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

My friends and I would be most grateful if anybody could give us some info/advise regarding our trip through South America. We are three girls from thee UK travelling independently (with the aim of using local transport) and on a budget! Luckily one of us is a spanish speaker.

Our trip itinery is (starting on Jan 25th):

Rio of a week for start of carnival
Bus/train to iguazzu falls for a few days
Coach to Buenos Aires - stay for a few days
Fly up to salta
Travel through the andes to San Pedro atacama
Bus to Uyuni and then travel through Bloivia visiting salt planes, possibly a jungle tour, lake titcaca, the Islas, Copacabana
Boat across lake to puno
Then travel around Peru to include Cuzco, Inca Trail Aguas Calientas to Lima
Then fly to costa rica stay for max a week
Fly to Cuba stay for a few days

We have between 2-3 months to do this an are in the process of booking our international flights to rio and out from Cuba. Would, say, 2 months and a a few weeks be enough?

Also We are nearly totally unaware of how we can get from place to place. For example Salta to San Pedro? San Pedro to Uyuni? Do buses/trains still run from rio-iguazzu during carnival?
We are also aware that we have 3 flights over the trip – could this be cut down/done cheaper? We definitely want to go to Cuba, but not so sure on costa rica – would there be a better country in central America to visit?

Also would any one be able to recommend an easy-ish jungle trek/tour we can do as part of our journey through Peru/Bolivia?

We are hoping to get flights and accommodation and inca tour booked by this week, so would be grateful for advise we can get!

Cheers, Salma

2. Posted by Fast (Budding Member 37 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Rio for any dates that will include Carnival will not be cheap. Best to start booking your Hotel, Hostel or apartment "NOW"....

Spanish in Brazill will help you a bit, but not much....

As far as I know there is no train from Rio to Iguazzu.. There is a bus aviable but expect to spend 18+ hours on the trip. For a bus from Rio to Buenos Aires, it's a 3 1/2 hour flight, so maybe 38+ hours on the bus..

Can't offer any ionfo on the rest of your trip, sorry.....

3. Posted by dunlow (Budding Member 15 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

ok i just came back from a peru-bolivia-argentina-ecuador trip. YOu have so many questions that i would love to answer!!

The jungle is beautiful wherever you go!! but price is the difference....peru is one of the most expensive places you can do the jungle. I did the jungle from Rurrenbaque Bolivia. A flight from La Paz to Rurrenbaque roundtrip, 3 days in the pampas, one night in rurrenbaque, then 4 days in the jungle - totaled 275 american!!!!!!!!!!! Such a steal. You can also choose different types of trip - there are some amazing trips where you work with community members of the jungle and are more submerged into their way of life.....just do a little research when you get to la paz - there are a ton of agencies that are more then willing to help you. I went during July so it will probably be less busy during the time you will visit. The experience was amazing and i wanted to go to the jungle in northern peru, its called iquitos - famous for their canopy shoudl look it up, but at least double the price of Bolivia.

I also think that with 2-3 months you shouldnt spread yourselves so to iguazu to BA to salta through bolivia and southern peru will be tough to squeeze in because there is so much to see in those places ESPECIALLY BOLIVIA AND PERU! the cheapest and some of the beautiful places. So my advise is , take your ime and appreciate those amazing places. This way you wont have to fly to many places and you will still see a ton.

I know i missed a bunch of your questions but feel free to message me about other issues.

4. Posted by mohnton (Budding Member 16 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

With only 2+ months you shouldn't try to fit in as many countries as possible. You will probably regret it and probably you'll fill rushed and won't even have the time to enjoy the wonders you visit along the way.

From Rio to BA is a big trip - so you probably wanna fly. Just from BA to Iguazu is a 18+ hours can take the jeeptrips through the salt plains in bolivia starting in San Pedro de atacamas, actually saving a day (that's what we did). Then you can go from uyuni and up trough bolivia. A few days in Cuba will leave you with the sentence "i've been to Cuba". You won't see much. It's like visiting NYC for a few days...but it will certainly cut into your budget, because of all the flying around. A week in Costa Rica will give you a tan...

My advice: cut down on the flight and the continents. You will see that part of travelling south america is learning and adjusting to the relaxed mentality. Probably your bussed will be hours late or cancelled and probably you will meet so many great people that you'd wish you didn't have to catch that flight you booked. Go from Rio to Ecuador or something like that only using busses and you will a lot more value...

Just a sugestion...