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Disney has it right; it is a small world after all. We all get so wrapped up in our daily lives that sometimes we fail to see the grand scheme of things. From Bismarck, North Dakota to South Africa to Antarctica, everyone is connected.

Thousands around the globe affect your daily life. When there is a fire in California, the price for fruit may go up in the Midwest. When problems occur in China, imports could slow down - slowing you down at the local Wal-Mart. When an airport across the country is facing delays and cancellations because of weather, you can bet your flight may not be on time either.

How do you think that you affect others in your daily life? How do you think others affect you?

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I could write hours about it, but I tell you about one of my 'personal connections'- a different kind of connection...

In my primary school my best friend's Dad travelled a lot (bec of his job) and he also went to New Zealand once. We were 7 at that time and found it really funny, that people drive 'on the wrong side' of the road there.

When I was 17 (2001) I went to Ireland for 9 weeks. My plan was to go abroad (Au pair) after graduation as well. I didn't want to go to the USA or Australia, bec back then everyone seemed to go there. When I was travelling in Ireland I met a guy on the bus, who was from NZ. We talked for 1/2hr only (we even didn't talk about NZ)and when he got off the bus, I knew where I wanted to go in 2003. Back at home I immediately went to the travel agent to get some information about NZ.
Around that time, thousands of km south there was a guy in South Africa (Charles), whose boss told him to pack his bags and go and see the world. In 2002 he did and decided to go to NZ.

I went to NZ in 2003 (age 19). I worked as a Nanny for a family who had lots of international workers on their farm. One of them was Charles. When we first met, I would have never thought that one day I would get married to him...

In the last few years I often experienced how small the world is. You travel and meet someone and somehow you meet other people, who know the same person or you even meet them again a few weeks later.
You inspire other people with your stories and they also go and travel.
At work I teach the kids that it doesn't matter from where you are. I hope I will have an effect on that.

You mainly mentioned connections/effects concerning the econmoy etc. In my life it is the personal things that count the most and I truly believe 'What goes round comes round'. This way I affect other people but also my own life- everything is connected...

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It's like, the chaos theory man . . . you think the universe is all these little things but then you realise, it's just one big thing ( I knew I shouldn't have had that spliff before I came to work)

I took a trip to Paris with a bunch of people from college when I was 21. Of course, we had to go to Euro Disneyland for a day (Space Mountain - nine times - excellent). We broke off into smaller groups and I was with a bunch of guys. One of our lecturers found us and said "Oh my god, have you guys been on the "Small World" ride yet - amazing! Get down there!" So down we went and got strapped into little boats. The whole ride was little puppet children dressed in the national dress of all the countries of the world singing "It's a small world after all" over and over and over and over. And we couldn't get off the ride until it finished. No one spoke to him for about a month.

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"It's a world of laughter a world of tears,
it's a world of hope and a wold of fears.
There's so much that we share
that it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all."

That's from memory from the 33' record (yes, record) my grandparents brought us back from Disney a gazillion years ago. My sister and I rode that ride 3 times together - Pirates of the Caribbean is WAY better.

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Knew someone who was afraid of that song - sometimes we would torture him by playing it at unexpected moments - hee hee