'oz intro' and 'oz experience' in march' 08 ??

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hi there

i flying into sydney on the 20thmarch and have just found 'oz intro'. it looks quite good if a little expensive maybe. has anyone been on this before or have it booked? im really not sure, i also want to do the oz experience aswell but im not sure if can do them both....

please advise me guys, i want your opinions!!



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Hi Marcus

Im booked onto OzIntro on 24th March and land in Sydney on 23rd. I was originally looking at RealGap Experience, however that was much more expensive!! OzIntro seems to be great value given everything included in that £399, plus its a lot of the hassle stuff that we don't need to worry about i.e working visas, medical card, help with work and places to stay etc. They've also been able to arrange a discounted flight for me and arrange my insurance. They're really helpful and Elisa will give you all the information you need. Please feel free to send me a message if you want any further info.


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I haven't relied on oz intro. I know lots of people here on the forum have, and that they've invariably had a good experience. But - with my knowledge of how easy it is to do everything yourself - I look at the list of what's included, and then at what you're expected to pay for that, and youch!. That's not just "a little expensive", that's really bloody expensive! By yourself you can do all of the stuff they offer for probably no more than $700 (while £399 works out to $935), and by yourself you'd almost certainly skip half the activities, saving you quite a bit more. (Jetboating and snorkeling and the aquarium? If most backpackers spent their entire time doing that many activities, they'd all be out of money by the end of the first month.) Their costs for the activities is probably a lot lower than the $700 still, on account of probably getting massive kickbacks/discounts due to the thousands of backpackers they bring through. (They then have to pay their own people of course, and have administration costs and whatever - but even so I'm expecting them to make rather serious profits.)

It's really easy to apply for a WHV yourself. It's really easy to open a bank account yourself. It's really easy to apply for a tax file number yourself. It's really easy to hook up with fellow backpackers just at the hostel. Etc, etc. No matter how helpful these people are, you don't need their help with it all.

I can understand the appeal for people in this - some hand holding to get them started. But really, you won't need it. There's so many backpackers flooding through Australia each year that the entire country is set up to accommodate them. Information is really plentiful, and there's tons of places organizing free orientation sessions and city tours and everything, all hoping to rope you in for making bookings for further activities and earn themselves some of your money while you haven't yet learned how to be a backpacker and not spend it on fluff.

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