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I plan to visit Switzerland for 6/7 days around Christmas time next month.

My plan so far is to fly in to Zurich and then either stay for the night there or move to Lucern via train. Next day go around Lucern. Move to Engelberg for night stay. Following day, visit Mt Titlis using the Rotoair. Return in the evening and move to Interlaken for the night. Spend the next day moving around Interlaken. Following day visit Jungfrau. Evening, travel back to Zurich(or some place nearer& cheaper) for night stay. Folowing day, travel around Zurich. Evening, fly out of Zurich.

couple of questions :-
1. Is it worth spending two days in Interlaken or spending an extra day in Lucerne/Engelberg is recommended?
2. Any other place a must-see which can be covered in another day or two?
3. For a travel plan like above, whats the best option to travel around and to buy rail tickets? The travel cards look a bit confusing to me.
4. Is transport available on Christmas day?
5. How to find the budget hotels in each locations?

Any other suggestions/ are warmly welcome !!



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We spent 4 days in Interlaken - best 4 days of our trip. It's a beautiful place with lots of things to do (better if it's not raining, though). With just 6 days to tour, I'd cut your itinerary down to 2 or 3 places - max. Else you'll feel like all you're doing is riding around on the train.

Our B&B was called Rugenpark B&B, about a 5-minute walk from Interlaken West station. It was beautiful, clean and friendly - and affordable. You can find it here in TP's accommodation section.

Enjoy your trip!

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Thanks tway for your response.
Did you spend time only in Interlaken while in Switzerland? How did yu travel to Interlaken?

4. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

We only went to Interlaken. We'd planned to go to Zermatt, but the weather was so bad we didn't want to spend 4 days inside.

We travelled from Luxembourg to Interlaken by train. Book ahead and try to get a student rate, if applicable. I don't know if they have busses or if the busses are cheaper, though.

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i was just gna say dont go t Interlaken. Of all my travels in Europe, I think its the worst destination - ALTHO - im not a nature or extreme sporty guy.

The hostel and the nearby bars seemed like a American Frat house.

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If you want to check the train, bus, ship.... times schedule go to the link below:
Christmas usually counts as a sunday. Every public transportation drives on sundays but not as often as during the week.


Although I live in Switzerland I have only been to Zurich of all the places you have listed so I can't help you much.


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engelberg is beautiful but not really worth more than a day i dont think........

lucern is really nice, its a really pretty city to get lost in! the bridge is pretty and you get the best views of the mountains...

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Thanks to all who has replied to my post. I have just increased the number of days to 8 in total. But dropped off Engelberg due to non-availability of rooms there now. I was planning to add Zermat but again rooms are unavailable now. I plan to spend a day & half in Lucern and a day visiting Titlis from Lucern. Then plan to base myself in Interlaken for 3 days in which to visit Jungfraujoch in a day, and Wengen or Murren(which is better at this time for a walk around?) in another. Then off to Bern for a day and finally to Zurich to spend the 31st night there before returning to ManC.
How is Bern for a days visit?

I am not into skiing but am a mountain and nature lover.

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I love Bern Downtown Bern is rather old and small. If you saw Zurich, a rather modern and huge city, Bern will be good. There are many shops in Bern and you won't even get wet while shopping.
There's a cathedral with you might have the chance to go up on and see the city from above.

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Thanks to all for the advise. I had a wonderful trip (except for lost luggage by BA on christmas eve).
Lucern was pretty much covered by fog and so viewing the mountains from the town was almost non-existent. But its a lovely city!! In this time of the year, visiting the mountains lets you see the sunshine. I fortunately got lot of sunshine and clear weather while visiting Titlis, Grindelwald, Grindelwald-First and Jungraujoch. Bern is a lovely city to spend a day in. And the pyrotechnics in Zurich on 31st night was spectacular !!

The Swiss people are the most well mannered and friendly people I have met so far in all my travels. And specially people in Bern. When asking for directions in Bern, almost 5-6 people came rushing forward and every one was very concerned that we dont get lost at night!!

One good thing in Switzerland is that the transport system works even on Christmas day unlike in UK when everything shuts down.

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