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I'm planning a trip down to Honduras for New Year.
I'm going for 10 days and I'm flying in and out of San Pedro Sula.

I definitely want to do some diving not sure of the best islands to head to?
My girlfriend doesn't dive so needs to be something for her to do..

Also heard some bad things about sand flies?!

Any info you could give would be amazing!!!



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I only know of three islands off the coast of Honduras. Utila, Roatan and the one starting with a G I can never remember.

You ask here which is the best island to go to...what are you looking for? What's does your lady friend need in the way of "something to do"?

I have only been to Roatan but I have been often over the past eight years.

Yes indeed the bugs can be bad....for some more than others. I was spotted all over my legs the 1st year I went down but have not been since. I know people that have had very bad reactions and people that were not bitten at all. Most people use a repellent of some sort.

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The third island is called Guanaja. I've not been there, but as I understand it, it is more expensive and less to do. Roatan and Utila have a lot more accomodations and things to do...but as I-Travel said, it depends on what you're looking for. Roatan is much bigger, and generally a bit more expensive.
Utila is where my heart is, and I warn you, some people have a lot of trouble leaving. Unlike Roatan, there's really only one town on the island, and the mix of islanders, mainland Hondurans, and tourists is pretty interesting. If you stay in the main town, there are lots of 20-somethings from all around the world, most of whom are there to dive. There are lots of great dive schools, I recommend Cross Creek for quality, or Paradise for the cheapest dive, but they're all great dive schools and I am just biased! There are also lots of bars, hang-outs, chances to explore, nice beaches (although not a huge variety especially in town). I think 10 days will fly by really fast. You'll make friends with really cool people within minutes of arriving, and I'm sure your girlfriend won't get bored. I lived on the island for a month last winter and never got bored. There are also a few resorts outside of town, but I think the point of Utila is the fun of town.
Whatever you end up deciding, you'll have a great time! enjoy!

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Roatan will be better for your GF as it more things to do out of water.
Utila is smaller, cheaper and closer to the land.
San Pedro Sula ( i passed there twice) made on me pretty bad impression,
but costal La Ceiba ( you should get ferry from there to the islands) is lovely.
Do your best to travel at the morning hours and settle down at noon.
Not because it's that dangerous, just because in darkness all places look less attractive and all navigation becomes difficult.
Sand flies are getting a trouble seasonably, it all depends a weather.
Sometimes you dont feel them at all, sometimes they kill you ...
so, you need any spray/stick/etc AGAINST, but as they still would eat you .. the most important is AFTER treatment.
i can recommend FENISTIL GEL (i think made in Swiss), u can check it up online and find similar treatment, if u have not Fenistil in your place. it relax your skin in 10 -15 mins
Honduras is absolutelly lovely!
Take a look online abt ppl and all.
(i'm jelaoooouuuuusss! i just want to return to islands ASAP)