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1. Posted by urungart (Budding Member 6 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

October 16, i booked flight from EWR to BKK for my BF depart on Dec 22 and return on Jan 4. Then he received call and e-mail confirmed from Travelocity of the booking with itineary Continenal Airline from EWR to PEK then Thai Air Way from PEK to BKK.
This week he wonder why take long time to charge to his credit card, so called and e-mail to Travelocity. Again Travelocity surprise him that his flight never been booked due to CO cancelled flight from EWR to PEK.But CO would open same flight again but new charge is 2600 USD.
Have any of you get this kind of problem? and how to do? or just accept this..

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Hello Urunart:)

What I would do in this situation is take back the payment.
Phone the credit card company and ask them to take back the payment because the airline company couldnt deliver the service u bought.
Even if the payment has already been taken your boyfriend will still have a certain number of weeks within which he can ask the credit card company to take back the payment. Phone them and ask them how may weeks this would be.


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Thanks Mel

After several tries to contact Travelocity and no feedback, yesterday i e-mail all details to ASTA (not sure of spelling) to complaint Travelocityservice and cc them, today i received mail feedback that they will pass this to right department to feedback and call my BF.

I already asked him to check with credit card company and see how it gonna work.

and we will never use Travelocity service anymore...

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Quoting urungart

and we will never use Travelocity service anymore...

Yeah, best to try to get your money back and then book with another airline. It is probably a bit late for your boyfriend to get a bargain ticket to fly on Dec 22 but he cant trust Travelocity after what they did. Best to try to book with another airline.
I think the internet is the best place to book tickets. It would mean u wont have to pay an agents fee and u can spend as long as u like browsing for bargain flights.


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Thanks again Mel,
But limited flight from EWR to BKK, This is reply i have from ASTA,

Thank you for contacting the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). Travelocity is a member of ASTA. If you wish to make a formal complaint against ASTA please follow these instructions.:

Before the Department will become involved in a dispute, it first determines that the complaint meets the following criteria:

1. Your complaint must be a travel-related dispute against a member of ASTA. You may check a company's membership status by contacting ASTA's Consumer Affairs Department at consumeraffairs or by searching ASTA's member directory (click the button that says "Verify a Company's Membership").

2. Your complaint must be less than six months old.

3. You must first contact the company complained against directly, allowing the firm an opportunity to resolve the problem.

4. Your complaint must be in writing and must include supporting documentation. Please include duplicate copies of the complaint.

Once the above criteria have been met, send two copies of the typed summary of the complaint - including documents which support the claim - and the complete addresses of all involved parties to:

Michael Martin

Consumer Affairs Department
1101 King Street, Suite 200
Alexandria , VA 22314

Please note that ASTA's Consumer Affairs Department provides informal mediation for travel-related disputes only. The Department cannot act as a judge, impose penalties or assess fines, or force a company to issue refunds.

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Dear all,
Travelocity will not respond of overcharge, so please be careful when booking your tickets via this website
Evertime we sent mail to them what they respond will be...PLEASE send your original mail stated that price is 1825 USD not 2600 USD, never feedback of new progress.

respond to Travelocity
Shirley; Why have I still not received a reply on this. I sent you a copy of my ticket confirmation dated 16 OCT for the amount of 1825.90, now I have been charged 2590.00 for the same exact ticket, AFTER receiving the confirmation e-mail of the 1st amount. I have posted this story on 11 travel advisory sites, and have received many responses, I have also filed a complaint with the service members discrimination site, since this pattern seems to effect those of us serving our country overseas. I would like some explanation and reimbursement for the extra amount.

I submit again your original billing confirmation.


---For those of you who have received this as a BCC please join me in not using Travelocity from this day forward. Please pass this along to as many people as you can. You all know I have never sent a mass e-mail before so please help me on this.

Billing Information
- Pricing in U.S. dollars
Back to top

Total Airline Charges(includes taxes & fees)

Total Travelocity Fees (see details below)

Amount charged to xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-7160

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They sure are annoying.:(
So there are no flights with other companies available at a more reasonable price?
What about the credit card company? Will they take back the money? Then Travelocity can go to the trouble of arguing with u to get it back instead of the other way around. Then they can send u a bill for the right amount and then u can ask the credit card company to give them that amount.


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Dear all,
I just wanna update that now Travelocity will process refund us back for different at credit card charged within 30 days,