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I'm going to Kenya for a week in April and then I have three weeks to play with. I'm travelling with another woman, both of us are in our 20's. I'm really looking for advice on the best way to use this time and see a fair bit of East Africa as cheaply as possible. I've been told that East Africa is a bit more expensive and our alternative is flying to Namibia and renting a car there, driving and visitng some friends of friends. We're a bit worried about the safety of that though.

As far as things I want to do while travelling is just to get a flavour of whichever country we go to. I would love to wwoof or something similar while there but I think time is too short?

Any advice would be much appreciated!



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I think possibly to Uganda after Kenya. Advice?

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Hello Siobh:)

I was in Kenya and Uganda around 10 years ago.
They were not expensive at all. But I think how expensive they could be depends on what u are doing there.
Safaris and gorilla trecks are expensive while hanging out in villages is not. I was in one village and could not spend a Kenyan note worth around 2 Euros because nobody had change for such a 'large' note. So if u are going to wonder around in romote spots bring plenty of small notes.

I can understand your reservations about the safety of bringing your own car. I personally would not do it. But maybe somebody who drove in Africa will have advise about car security. U could try asking Wouter. He drove in West Africa but maybe the security issues are the similiar. Here is his profile link. http://www.travellerspoint.com/member_profile.cfm?user=wouterrr

For volunteering here is some information that somebody on this site gave to somebody else about volunteering in Africa.

For volunteering: i have not found an English forum on volunteering travel. I would avoid paid volunteering travel, which seems to be a business by itself. Rather, before your travelling, once you have more or less an itinerary in your mind, contact some of the expats there on the ground (check with http://www.expat-blog.com/en/directory/africa/ ). This is a small but very active blog community with great people. Many of them either work in the aid-world or at least will know people that can help you. So contact those on the ground directly. Don't go through a headquarter in Europe to find short term work (do that only if you want several months of volunteering).
Certainly living on the spot, working, will give you a completely different taste than travelling through, so I would highly advise that...

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Thanks, thats a great help.

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Hi Siobh,
For what it's worth you might something of use in my experience.
I spent a month in Kenya last April - myself and a friend did some work wtih the Irish Mercy Nuns who have tiny clinics all over the country. They need all sorts of help and I was lucky enough to travel with an Optician who brought his skills the norhtern desert area. If you could link up with them and have a skill they may need it could be worthwhile, plus you'll get to see a part of Kenya and a liftstyle you wouldn't normally experience.

After our work we travelled to the coast which I would love to have more time to explore. Zanizibar seems to be a must - but I didn't make it unfortunately. Everyone else we met seems to recommend Tanzania highly and Uganda also.

The problem with April is the Rainy season - if it rains!!! - then driving in the bush can become impossilbe and best forgotten about.

I doubt if this will be much use to you but if you have any specific questions give me a direct mail and I'll be glad to answer if I can.


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Quoting Siobh

I think possibly to Uganda after Kenya. Advice?

U probably know already but in case u dont, parts of Uganda are very troubled.
Get good reliable information about where those parts are and be sure to keep updated with the latest news every day while u are in Uganda.
If u dont want to deal with this then Tanzania would be a better choice.