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1. Posted by S_Trebbs (Budding Member 6 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

This may sound really stupid but im not very technological minded but how do people get on putting photos onto net in internet cafes in asia ( going india, china, vietnam , cambodia, malaysia) I have to have windows xp or simular standard to transfer photos via a cable will i be able to do this in these places? Thanks

2. Posted by jl98584 (Travel Guru 114 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'm not sure I understand your question completely, maybe because I haven't been fortunate enough to travel to asia yet. But since nobody else has offered help yet, I'll give it my best shot? If this is off the mark, please feel free to disregard.

When you plug the cable into your camera and then into your computer, you are using something called a USB cable. Almost all computers nowdays have standardized USB ports, so your cable should work with just about any computer (the end that plugs into the camera may not be as standardized, so make sure you keep your camera and cable together).

If you're using a computer at an internet cafe, not your own computer, you may need to check. I suspect some may block the USB ports to prevent folks loading virus's. If they do this, you can't use their computer to upload your photo's. However as long as they don't block the USB port, just take your camera cable with you and you should be fine. You may want to work with some computer folks before you leave and get comfortable coping files from the camera to the computer using Windows Explorer or other tools - just in case XP isn't the operating system available on the internet cafe computers. Sometimes it's a little hard to find the USB ports also, make sure you know what they look like and get comfortable looking for them.

You can also take a card reader with you, but this also requires a USB port. Instead of plugging in your camera, just plug the card reader into the USB port, then remove the memory card from your camera and plug it into the card reader. I'd try this several times at home (and at local internet cafe's) before taking it on the road however. The card reader has the advantage that most can read several different kinds of cards - so if you're traveling with friends and have different types of camera's, it might be easier to swap the cards in and out then mess with different cables. From what you've described, I suspect using the cable would be easier for you.

You might also consider taking a small laptop with you, internet cafe's may have wifi or allow you to plug your own laptop into their LAN cable. Hopefully some other more experienced travellers can help address this issue however. If the internet cafe's allow folks to plug in USB devices, you shouldn't need to carry your own laptop (for uploading pictures anyway).

You also might be able to use a cell phone with a camera, many models can email pictures directly from the cell phone. I'm not too familiar with international cell phone service or plans though, so this would be something you'd want to check before you left and make sure there's service where you're going...

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not a problem any in asia i have a canon 400d and just plug straight in and goto my computer to pick up the photos i would highly recomend taking a portable hard drive with you really handy for backing up while in internet cafe.

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Portable hard drive? These expensive?

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they are quite...but you may be able to pick one up on ebay relatively cheap. They usually go for around £75++ for a 250GB one. Depending on how you travelling for the majority of your trip might influence your decision whether or not to get one. If your backpacking on a budget...i would stick to your USB cable in the net cafes and just email them to yourself, can email them to others too or even put them on an online travel blog!

Hope this helps