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1. Posted by kaheng14 (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!


I'm going to Chengdu from 19-31 Jan 2008.

I'd like to visit the following itinerary:

1. Chengdu-Emei-Leshan-Dazu-Chengdu
2. Chengdu-Wolong-Mt Siguniang-Chengdu

From what I gather, there are only buses connecting these places so I'd really appreciate it if someone could let me know:

1. What are the fastest buses connecting these places
2. Their bus numbers
3. When they leave and arrive
4. How do I go about booking them
5. How much the journeys cost

Thanks a lot!


2. Posted by catherine9 (Full Member 15 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello Dave, :)

This is Catherine at Chengdu, China.
A.if you go to Emei, you can take the bus at Xinnanmen Bus Station, and as far as I know, there is no the fastest bus, but the normal bus and luxury bus, and the price is different, about 30-50rmb pp.
B. if you go to Wolong, you can take the bus at Shiyangchang Bus Station. The condition is same as Xinnanmen, the price is about 30-50rmb pp.
2. 4.
I do not know whether you can speak Chinese or not, you can buy the ticket at the bus station, they are the regular buses. But I think it will be better to buy the ticket ahead of time when you will leave, then you can choose a better time.
3. you can get the information at the bus station.
5. it all depends on what kind of the hotel you will use, where you want to see, I mean the tickets.

How many of you will come to have this tour?

3. Posted by kaheng14 (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi Catherine

Thanks so much for your reply.

1. How do I get to Siguniang from Wolong?
2. Is it better to visit Wolong on the way there or back?
3. What is the earliest bus to Wolong?
4. What is the earliest bus to E-mei?
5. Are buses less frequent in January?
6. Can I get the bus tickets in advance from the web or by phone? I can speak Chinese.
7. Do you know a good place to stay in Siguniang?

There's just two of us and we haven't decided where to stay but I will probably get the tickets from the bus station or in advance if I can.

Thanks again!


4. Posted by catherine9 (Full Member 15 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello Dave,

Sorry that I can not answer all your questions, but I will try my best.
1. 2. Mt. Siguniang is in Rilong County,, it's said that there is the regular bus from Rilong County to Chengdu, and it will pass by Wolong, you can ask the drive have a stop at Wolong. BUT, as far as I know it's difficult to catch the bus at Wolong. And the same as take bus from Chengdu to Rilong(Mt. Siguniang).
3. As far as I know the earlist bus from Chengdu to Wolong is at 5am, but it is the should travel season, I do not know the exact schedule.
4. I do not know this.
5. Maybe.
6. The bus stations do not provide these services, you need buy tickets at the bus station.
7. There is a 4star hotel in Rilong County (Mt. Siguniang). And it is the best hotel there.

FOR my SUGGESTION is that you can hire a car (the jeep is a good choice) also with a driver, since you can speak Chinese, give the driver your itinerary, he will take you to the visit those places, no need an English-speaking guide, the driver will be a good guide for you, since you can speak Chinese.
And I think this will be a best way, it will not waste you too much money and time, you can just use the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery in these places.
IF you think my suggestion is ok, I can arrange it for you.

Waiting for your reply!:)

5. Posted by kaheng14 (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi Catherine

That sounds good. How much is the jeep and driver per day? Do we need to pay accommodation for the driver too? Our route's basically to emei, leshan and dazu to the south and to wolong and siguniang to the north.



6. Posted by catherine9 (Full Member 15 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello Dave,

Yes, you need to pay for driver's meals and accomodation. And I will tell you the price on Monday.
1. Please me how many days you planned for your trip, is 19-31 Jan 2008 still correct? Arrival on 19th, and departure on 31st?
2. If you would like to have meals with driver? If not, you can give the money for the meals to the driver, and you can have meals seperately.

7. Posted by kaheng14 (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi Catherine

I think we'd prefer to dine alone.

We're intending to go on 2 trips:
1. emei 3D/2N, leshan 1D/1N, dazu 1D/1N
2. wolong 1D/1N, siguniang 3D/2N

Is it possible to combine both trips or will that involve too much travelling? I'd prefer not to spend more than 5h on the road on any one day.


8. Posted by catherine9 (Full Member 15 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello Dave,

This is the day by day itinerary.

D1: Arrive at Chengdu
Arrive at Chengdu by air, driver meets you at the airport, and transfer to the hotel.

D2: Chengdu / Leshan / Mt. Emei
Emeishan Grand Hotel***

Set off after breakfast, drive to Leshan to visit Leshan Giant Buddha, which is the largest stone sculpture of Buddha in the world, Leshan Lingyun Giant Buddha. Construction of Leshan Giant Buddha began in AD 718 of Emperor Xuazong’s reign of Tang Dynasty under Haitong’s supervision, who was an eminent monk of Lingyun Temple. And this construction took a period of 90 years. This grand Buddha statue stands 71m tall, and it can be obviously caught several kilometers away. His head is 14.7m long and 10m broad with over one thousand buns of hair, and each of bun can contain a large round table. His ears are 7m long that may contain two people. This instep, which is 8.5m wide, can accommodate 100 people. Looking towards the east from the Leshan, the succession of Mt. Wuyou, Mt. Linyun and Mt. Dongyan gives the silhouette or vivid contour of a huge supine Buddha lying beside the three rivers, which extend more than 1300m. Main scenic spots include: huge supine Buddha, Haideng Monk Cave, Mt. Wuyou, Capital of Eastern Buddhism, Lingbao Tower, Lingyun Buddhism Temple, Heaven of Buddhist and Nine-zigzag Cliff Plank Road. “The Buddha is a mountain, and the mountain is a Buddha”. Leshan Giant Buddha is the integrated great intelligence of China ancient people, and it is also a miracle in world cultural history. And in Leshan, the most famous snacks are Xiba Bean Curd (西坝豆腐) and Minjiang Fish (岷江鱼).
After lunch, drive to Mt. Emei. After arriving at the foot of Mt. Emei, pay a visit to Baoguo Temple. And check into hotel.
Mileage: Chengdu--Mt. Emei about 170km Paved road

D3: Mt. Emei / Wannian Monastery / Golden Summit
Jinding Hotel***

Set off after breakfast, drive to Wuxiangang Bus Station(五显岗车场). And you need starting walk from here, driver will wait for you at the foot of Mt. Emei. You can pay a visit to Wannian Temple(万年寺), and walk back to Wannian Bus Station(万年寺车场), take the sightseeing bus to Leidongping(雷洞坪), it will cost one and half an hour to two hours; and walk to Jieyindian(接引殿), it will cost half an hour to 1 hour. Then take the subway to the Golden Summit(金顶), check into hotel.
Mt. Emei is one of China’s top four sacred Budhism Mountains. Mt. Emei is in the area with sub-torrid zone monsoon climate. The whole mountainous area is folded in fog with little sunshine and plentiful precipitation rain fall, it’s said that there are four seasons’ scene rids in one day, and the weather is different in ten miles.
Sightseeing tour bus from Wuxiangang Bus Station(五显岗车场) to Leidongping(雷洞坪): 7am—5pm
And the last one sightseeing bus from Leidongping(雷洞坪) to the foot of the mountain is at 5 pm.
Subway: the last one subway from Jieyindian(接引殿) to Golden Summit is at 6:30pm, and the last one back to Jieyindian(接引殿) is at 6pm.

D4: Golden Summit / Chengdu
Get up early in the morning to see the Sunrise on the Golden Summit. Then after breakfast, take the subway back to Jieyindian, and walk to Leidongping(雷洞坪) to take the sightseeing bus back to Bus Center(客运中心) at the foot of the mountain. Driver will wait for you there. And drive to Chengdu.

D5: Chengdu / Dazu
Dazu Hotel***

Set off after breakfast, drive to Dazu(大足), which is regarded as the The Country of Rock Carving(大足石刻), located in the Chongqing, and Southeast of the Sichuan province, 271km away from Chengdu. The work of Dazu Rock Carvings began in the first year of Yonghui in Tang dynasty (AD 650), and had continued until Ming and Qing dynasties. Through Five dynasties, the work entered its prime time and distinguished itself during Northern and Southern Song dynasties. In Dazu Rock Carvings, key site protected at the national level for its cultural and historic value, have five places, including Beishan, Baaodingshan, Nanshan, Shizhuanshan and Shimeushan Rock Carvings—in wich most figures are concentrated, and which contain statues and figures of the hightest artistic value and most exquisite technique.
Mileage: Chengdu--Dazu 271km Good road condition

D6: Dazu / Chengdu
Kangding Hotel***

Drive back to Chengdu.

D7: Chengdu / Wolong / Rilong (Mt. Siguniang)
Jinkun Hotel****

Set off after breakfast, driving via Dujiangyan(都江堰), which is famous for its greatest water irrigation system. Pay a visit to Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve. And go on driving to Rilong County(日隆镇).
Mileage: Chengdu--Rilong 235km
Chengdu--Wolong Paved road
Wolong--Rilong Good road condition

D8: Rilong
Jinkun Hotel****

Pay a visit to Changpinggou(长坪沟) and Shuangqiaogou(双桥沟). Driver will wait for you at the entrance, you can choose to ride the sightseeing bus, or walking, or riding horse to visit the beautiful scenery in these two places. In Changpinggou, you can see the grand virgin forests and grand snow mountains. And in Shuangqiaogou, you can see the ice glacier, grand snow mountains, grassland, and icicle…Some traveler said the snow mountains here are as beautiful as Alps. Drive from Rilong County to Changpinggou will cost about 10minutes, and drive to Shuangqiaogou, it will cost about 20minutes.

D9: Rilong / Chengdu
Kangding Hotel***

Set off after breakfast, drive back to Chengdu. There is a sightseeing stage on the way, you can admire the beautiful Mt. Siguniang(四姑娘山), which is esteemed by the local Tibetan residents as a devine mountain. The legend has it that four beautiful and kind-hearted girls, in order to save their treasured giant pandas, fought bravely with a ferocious leopard and thus became four graceful mountains standing tall and straight—Mt. Siguniang. And four peaks elevation are 6250m, 5614m, 5454m and 5355m.

D10: Leave Chengdu
Driver sends you to the airport, happy trip ends.

2people: 1080usd

Quote includes:
Hire a jeep; fuels;road toll;driver's accommodation and meals;
Buy you the Personal Accident Insurance and Travel Agent Liability Insurance.

Quote does not include:
Driver's tips: 15usd/day

If you can not read it very clearly, I can send you by E-mail.
For this tour is no guide, I wrote a little bit more, hope it'll be helpful for you. And it is an easy journey. If you have any question or requirement, please do tell me!
One more thing, the driver will not get into the beauty spots with you, he just wait for you at the entrance.
The hotels are suggested hotels, and Emeishan Grand Hotel, Jinding Hotel, Jinkun Hotel and Dazu Hotel are the best hotels. There are 3*** or 4**** or 5*****hotel in Chengdu.
If you need me to reserve the hotels for you, please tell me.

My e-mail is
catherine.mei (at )

9. Posted by catherine9 (Full Member 15 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello Dave,

Here is a map of Mt. Emei.

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