Is Salvador dangerous during Carnaval?

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Hi all,

I was planning to be in Salvador for Carnaval, but now a friend of mine has just told me that it is extremely dangerous and i shouldn't go... Just wanted to get get a second (or third, or fourth) opinion.. Is Salvador dangerous during Carnaval?
And also, would i need to book a ticket to make my time there worthwhile, ie.. to see the parade or street parties??? as you can see, i'm very unsure of what even happens and how to go about making the most of it!

any advice would be great!

thanks so much

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i think the decision is really up to you.
Have you ever travelled to Brasil ? Do you know how things work ?
Do you come along with the people ?

In Salvador you can also buy tickets for being in a secured area around the trucks. If you want one you should buy it very in advance, as well book your hotel now !

For Carnaval i have never been in Salvador, but its definitely the city i would go for. I love the people, musik, beaches ...

Hope you decide for SSA & have a nice time,


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Ive been to Salvador but not in Carnival. It is a fairly dangerous city but Please dont EVER let people put you off doing things because they say its dangerous,

Salvador would be amazing in carnival its a really lively city in a region called BAHIA where the majority of Brazils best drumming bands come from. Im hoping to go myself, other than that I can recommend Olinda too, a sleepy bohemian town near the city of Recife, very scenic but Its supposed to come totally alive during carnival!!

Happy choosing, and please remember that anywhere can be dangerous its your own attitude towards things that really keeps you safe.

take it easy


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Yes, it´s a bit dangerous. You should remember it´s a third world country and we have lots of poor people.
Salvador can be dangerous, so can Sao Paulo, Rio and any other city.

But you will survive.
You just have to keep your eyes open, be aware, not walk around showing your camera and your wallet, hide you money (do not take lots of it with you when you go out) and you´ll be OK.

I´m brazilian, I live in a much smaller city, known to be safe, and I´ve been robbed a few times.
Some people I know have lived in Salvador their whole lives and/or been there for carnival and nothing ever happened to them.

There carnival parade is not in a special place as in Rio, but in the streets.
Thousands and thousands of people dancing after "trio elétricos" (a truck with a band playing live on top of it).

To participate in a "bloco" (as they call the different carnival groups), you will have to buy an "abada", the costume they wear for the parade.

I think it´s quite an experience, lots of music, dance, party, happy people.

Not something for me, sweating in the middle of the crowd, but people love it. I´ve never been there, but we see it on TV and some of my friends have been there.

As for safety, I think you don´t have to worry so much.
Just keep your eyes open, get some info from a tourist info office when you arrive, and you can enjoy carnival.

Good luck!