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Friendly Skies?

I just had a real shock about my air miles at United Air Lines. They are expiring at the end of this month. United’s new policy is, use the miles you earn in 18 months or lose them. Even buying a ticket for travel is not good enough to keep them from expiring unless you fly before their expiration date.

There is a way to extend them by redeeming miles for merchandise. I bought restaurant coupons from both mine and my wife’s accounts to extend both for 18 months. We are both very close to having the minimum number of miles for a free trip.

There rewards FAQ says several other air lines are also doing this.

It may pay you to check with your airline miles account.


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I am sorry to hear about it.

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We received an e-mail from United Airlines recently, stating the same thing. We don't have anything close to a free trip and still have 12 months left before they expire. The e-mail read as though the miles would vanish within 48 hours if I didn't cash them in for merchandise or book tickets. (I checked after 48 hours and our miles are still there.)

I also checked Continental Airlines to see if they were instituting the same type of policy. So far they have not but I'm sure the time will arrive soon. Again, not enough miles for a free trip even to the bathroom.

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I lost all my Aeroplan Miles the same way. I had about 15,000 left - but with so few ways to earn more (except flying on the rather expensive Star Alliance), I was keeping them for a rainy day.

I much prefer Air Miles Reward Miles - you can earn them all over the place, and trade them in for decent stuff, quasi-affordable stuff.