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Has anyone had any experience in applying for dual citizenship's? I have my Canadian Citizenship by birth, and am hoping to obtain both my Australian and British citizenship's through my parents.

As far as I can figure I already have my British citizenship as my mum is British and I met the birth date requirements. I am in the process of applying for my British passport and am having some trouble figuring out all the forms. Does anyone have any helpful websites or phone numbers that help with the application process and determining what is asked for? I have tried emailing our local British Consulate with no reply. I also am not able to talk with a person when I call their number. I tried to call the Passport offices in England but they said they would only be able to help me if I was physically in England. Would it be worth it to fly to the UK on my Canadian passport and go through the process of applying for my B. Passport when I am there?

With the Australian citizenship I am even less informed (I am more interested in getting the British one moving on). My father is Australian and is in the process of getting citizenship's for myself and my two siblings. Once I have my citizenship how easy is it to apply for a passport? Again, any info sites or phone numbers that would help me out would be great. I have bookmarked a few sites from the governments in both countries but they don't seem to have the answers I am seeking

I also have some general questions about all this. For those that have dual (or triple) citizenship's, do you run up on any problems? Do countries question why you have passports for multiple countries when travelling? If you are flying in on the country's passport (as in going to the UK on a British passport) would they even know that you had citizenship elsewhere?

As far as I know having a citizenship by descent and a passport allows me to live and work in those countries without VISAs or restrictions. Can anyone tell me if this is correct?

How long does it generally take after applying for a citizenship and/or passport before you are approved? I am hoping to start my travels in mid to late June 08 and don't want to still be waiting on the paperwork (if possible).

I know this seems like heaps of questions, and I swear I have been doing my homework! I am just looking for some personal info and to verify the information I have found so far.

Pretty much any tips or experiences you could tell me would be much appreciated. Thanks so much, and I am so sorry it is soooo long!


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If it's of any help at all, my b/f (who's from Belfast with a British passport) applied for Canadian residency last March and we're still waiting for it all to go through. It's a long, lengthy process - although perhaps, with ancestry ties, it may be a little quicker. Still, the paperwork takes ages and it costs a small fortune.

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Quoting ashschu

If you are flying in on the country's passport (as in going to the UK on a British passport) would they even know that you had citizenship elsewhere?

If you're entering or leaving a country that you hold a passport for (and therefore citizenship), you are required to use your passport from that country.

So, that would mean travelling Canada-UK you would leave Canada on the Canadian passport (if there's an immigration exit check) and arrive in the UK showing your UK passport.

During the process of obtaining British citizenship through descent, you will state that you hold Canadian citizenship - this may well be held on UK immigration's computers (and the UK borders are slowly becoming computerised at the moment).

For British citizenship, you'll need to contact the High Commission in Ottawa rather than any local Consulate office. Check these pages from the High Commission website.

For Australian citizenship through your father check these pages from the Australian Citizenship website.

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Thanks for your help mojorob. Both pages I had not come across in my hunting. Very helpful. I will call the Ottawa High Commission and see if they can help me with the forms and hopefully get everything rolling again

Thanks again!

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I'm originally just Canadian as well, but just got my Irish citizenship (took me around one and a half years, they kept sending it back with more additions!), and my task for January is to get the passport. Luckily, I now have all my info, and they send a nice tidy form for the passport application.

I had a lot of dealing with the Irish embassy.

I can't think of any specific tips.... but feel free to send me a message! (even though I have my Irish citizenship, not British - and I got it through my grandmother being born there & a citizen herself)

Ooh... one other thing: you may want to double check that its legal for someone with Canadian citizenship to hold MORE than one other citizenship...

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Just wanted to say that I finally sent off my application for a British passport. According to everything I could find, I gained my British citizenship at birth through my mum.

Sent off my application, birth certificate etc to prove my lineage on the 21st of Jan. Received my passport on the 1st of Feb! My passport is dated the 28th of Jan. I am so impressed, only 7 days to process and 10 days until it was in my hands.

I now know I am officially a British citizen (I was a bit worried that maybe I had the facts wrong)! I just wanted to give an update and say how impressed I was with the British High Commission here in Canada. So quick and painless (if a bit expensive!) I can not wait to travel over to Europe now!

Next stop - Australian!