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1. Posted by stannard (Budding Member 7 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

hey folks, im goin to china next february for a month or so before travelling thru SE asia oz etc, i am hopeing to visit beijing shanghai etc and see the great wall etc, apart from that i dont know much about the country and would be interested to hear of anyone who has visited china whilst backpacking, for instance whats the ebst way to get around, how difficult the language barrier makes things and basically what are the best places to see? any information would be a great help. and congratulations to any brits who have just finished there A levels!!

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I can help you. And anyone else who want to travel through China can contact me for help ;)

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Im currently studying in Shanghai, and also fellow brit! Have travelled little in China, but
in the experience I have , I thing learning a bit of chinese, or a least improvising with a
phrase book is fairly vital!!

Beijing and Shanghai are no problem really, as there are so many english speakers, and
the people are fairly accustomed to dealing with foreigners (not so advantagous for me
learning chinese, but nevermind!).

Travel through China in my experience by train is really efficient, and inexpensive.
Depending on you standards, so are hotels and food and stuff.

Feel free to get in touch should you ever visit Shanghai!

Good Luck:)

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If you plan to travel alone in China, language is not a problem in hotels. Or, you may post on universities' BBS to hire some student tour guide. Do not try to buy anything at the resorts, because the vendors will ask for a much higher price if you are not accompanied with some local guy.
Public transportation (subway system and bus) in Beijing and Shanghai will carry you to most scenic spots in the city, as for farther spots, like the Great Wall, you may need a taxi or take a touring bus. You may ask for details on the transportation at the hotel.
Buy an English map at the airport or local friendship hotels. Don't use the one you bought in your country unless you are sure that it is the most up-dated version. Big cities in China grow inconceivably fast, and a map gets old no more than couple of months.