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i would like to travel from East London to Cape Town, via Oudtshoorn. but everything is so unapproachable un unaffordable. has someone even went this time of the year and had an intinirary worked out. i need a plan of action? tks selborne.

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Hi Selborne,

It is peak tourism season in South Africa at the moment until April, so all the prices are going to be very high. Best bet for you, would be to use the baz bus as transport (www.bazbus.com), and go the backpacker route for accomodation, take a look at www.alternativeroute.net or www.coastingafrica.com, I am sure you will be able to find some quality but inexpensive options on these sites.

Good luck, and have an awesome time!

Ian Pollard
Strider Expeditions

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I am traveling from Cape town to Durban on the Bazbus, doing this next year in June. WOuld rather be doing it now but i got to wait to get out of college so June is the best time for me. Also been told that it's quiter and theres more chance of getting a room in a hostel compared to the summer months. The exchange rate in from sterlin to rand is pretty good so a little money will go reasonablly far!


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June might be a blessing in disguise with respect to the weather in Durban - it is mid-winter & usually beautiful, with endless sunny days & a comfortable temp of 24 degrees or so. Durban is simply unbearable in summer because of the suffocating humidity. Cape Town is a winter rainfall zone so not so good in winter - but you still get reasonably mild weather with plenty of sun.

In fact, if you were in England this 2007 summer, then you've got a pretty good idea of a mild Cape winter. And as for the bit inbetween - well, it's a mixed bag. Personally I'd prefer the cooler temps of winter to the unremitting heat of mid-summer.

Be warned though, it can get bitterly cold in places although you are unlikely to experience this too much in the bigger city centres.