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Hi, Im thinking of getting the BUNAC working New Zealand visa as I`m 32.... I went to OZ in 06 and had a great time but kept hearing that NZ was much better for the "older traveller" if 32 if considered old haha...

I want to get an apartment share and work there.. travel round a bit but I dont want to do the whole KIWI experience or hostel thing,,,

I wondered if there were any good websites I could look at to gain some inspiration. fro those of u who r going or have been to NZ.

Also... when is the best time to go to NZ? month wise?...

What are the difference between north and south island?

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I spent 15 months in NZ on a working holiday visa and loved it. its really easy to sort out an apartment/flat share as it's really geared to this sort of thing and there are loads of travellers doing the same. I found my place on www.backpackerboard.co.nz and you can also find jobs and cars on there. (the notices section is good) Also check out the travellers contract point at the bottom of Queen st - they can sort you out with a tax number too which you will need for when you start work.

The north island is the more populated island and is very pretty - but the south island is more mountainous and the more beautiful. any time is a good time to be in NZ but the coldest months are June - August and the hottest months are Jan and Feb. Winter can be a good time to travel around as prices are lower and there are far fewer tourists.

I would definitely encourage you to go - I loved it so much that I have got permanent residency and am going back in January indefinitely!

Hope this helps :)

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Hi, I am in New Zealand at the mo, arrived in Auckland on 15 September, travelled the North Island for a couple of weeks then travelled the South Island before settling in Christchurch, working for a wee while. September/October were reasonably quiet months and cheaper, so alot of places I visited were tourist free which made it so much better. The weather was as always unpredictable but I did get some really nice sunny days while travelling around those first few weeks in the north and south. It is coming into Summer now but the weather is still as unpredictable as it has been since arriving here. I have done the backpacking thing but apparently trademe.co.nz is a good website for flat shares/vehicles. I am currently doing a round the world trip for a year, spending 4 month in NZ but would definitly have been happy enough to spend a whole year here. The south island is far more beautiful with far less people. Im sure you will fall in love with this country and want to live here for good, just like everyone else! Good luck!:)

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Quoting bex76

the south island is more more beautiful

that depends on what you like. For 2,5 yrs I lived on the North Island and loved it (because I love the beach)

of course the Souh Isl is beautiful as well, but the North Isl was mor special to me (maybe bec we've got lots lots of mountains and lakes at home)

if there's anything I can help you with, let me know.

Maybe check out, what job you wanna do and whether you r allowed to work in that area and if there's enough jobs available (NZIS has a list about what qualifications you need to get verfied), unless you r up for everything!

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New Zealand is a very beautiful and scenic country. South Island is more beautiful than North. If you like adventure and outdoor activities, NZ is the place to be.

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new zealand is a fantastic country.
go now.

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Hi nomadicgal. If you want a bit of extra inspiration, look at the photos TP members have taken.

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