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i am a 32 year old australia-born male travelling to canada with my canadian partner who i met here in sydney. i am not able to get a working visa for canada.

1. how long may i stay in canada on a visitor's visa?

2. once it happens to expire, can i cross the border to the US and stay there in order to renew the visitor's stay in canada?

3. if so, how long would i be expected to stay in the US before my canadian visitor's visa would be renewed?

thanks in advance for your help,


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Hola Ash,
Sorry you could not get a working visa.... I know sometimes the visa process is a very difficult one and stressful too. Although I cannot give you firsthand answers for your questions, I think this website will help you a little bit.
Remember (as far as I know), Aussies do not need a visa to just visit Canada. The website I gave you covers just about everything you need to know about entry requirements to Canada. Please read it carefully and I think it will help you understand better the process of a prolonged stay in Canada. Everything listed under the section ¨LEARN ABOUT¨is of importance. Remember as well... that immigration officers won´t be happy if you say ¨I want to stay in Canada as long as possible¨. You need to be able to convince them that you have enough money to last the duration of your stay and that you have ties back home to Australia... that you will be ¨going back¨at one point or another not too far away in the future. Visiters can stay about six months, but 30 days before your visit is up you must apply for a longer stay. There is the option however for a Temporary Resident Visa. Problem being... most of the time, these visas must be applied for in your home country. I´m not an expert on these things by any means, but this website should help. Like I said.... read carefully the entire website, so that you can better understand the things you need to do to enter Canada. I wish you the best of luck and am sending you positive energy so that everything goes through!


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To answer your question about going across the border to the US to renew the Canadian visitor's stay.
To travel to the U.S. you will have to qualify for the Visa Waiver Program. (go to: to see if you qualify.