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Hi, I´m currently at the end of my round the world trip, I went a bit off course last month and added Argentina and Brazil to my journey. The next flight on my itinery is Madrid to London on December 20th, in Rio at the moment so it makes sense to make my way to Madrid soon, obviously before December 20th.

I´ve been looking at flights and they´re coming up at over 800 pounds and these aren´t even direct! I even looked at flights straight to London but am getting the same prices.

Can anyone offer any advice on this?

It would be much appreciated!!!



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The problem is that Brasil is very well linked with Portugal, but not the rest of Europe (apart from Sao Paolo). Did you check prices with TAP via Lisbon or Oporto? Also, I think that you might get charter flights to London from Salvador ( with Thomson). Try AirEuropa as well as they are low cost. But it might just be worth flying with GOL elsewhere in SA and then with IBERIA to Madrid.

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In last ten years flying became a bitter experience:
prices are higher every day, service becomes lousy, and crews more and more unexperienced and even unpleasant.
At the same time, more and more restrictions, controls, fees to be payed...
Only in Asia you can find some decent companies that still make your flight a pleasant event.
Airports in the West now look almost like concentration camps; just fancy stores make the atmosphere better.
Cases of the harassment are reported every day.
It will cost more in the future, and become worse.