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I have heard on the grapevine that the womens prison in Quito is a great place to see to visit the foreigners locked up on drugs charges; apparently they really appreciate seeing a friendly face.

What I don't have though is any more info,

Where is the prison?

What are the opening hours?

What gifts should I take to the prisoners?

Is it safe?

So if anyone out there has some information that would be great (-:


2. Posted by marlis (Travel Guru 1167 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Maybe you can contact the embassy from your country in Quito and ask them if you can visit if you dont have a relative in prison.
sorry thats all from my side,since I was never interested to visit drugs involved people in a prison.

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Hey there, go to the south america explorers club in quito. They can give you a list of names of prisoners. Then you go over on a wednesday, saturday or sunday between 930 and 12, or 130 and 4 i think, not sure on those times... knock on the door, go in, leave your passport with the guards, gets a stamp on your arm to prove your not a prisoner, get a quick pat down to make sure ur not armed, then they let u in. u can ask a guard to get you the person your looking for, they charge a dollar or just wander around the ground level until u see a white person :)

They are a great group of girls, its interesting to hear their stories, and too see just how different prisons are over there, wasn't at all what i was expecting!

Take something for them when u go, like coffee, cigarettes, toiletries, chocolate or fruit. They dont get much inside, only the very basics, so they have to get money from home to buy things.

Hope that helps,

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this post made me laugh (in irony, no mal intent), because i dated a guy who was once in a prison in ecuador on drug charges...i don't know where the prison was or anything, i just know he got beaten up a bit (and still has scars). i just didn't realize it was that common for foreigners to be detained on drug charges. wow, how scary that would be. that's quite thoughtful of you to want to seek them out and provide some comfort.
good luck, and stay out of trouble :)