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I am traveling to Oz in April '08 and plan on staying a least one month. I am mostly interested in the backcountry type experience, with the people and the places, living some of the culture and just totally chillin' whereever it feels right - I will be backpacking with a hostel pass. I arrive in Sydney on the 4th of April, and plan to hole up at Bondi Beach hostel for the first few days just to get oriented and relaxed.

I have been talking to some folks experienced in Oz and others that have/do live there. I had been thinking that a full continental trip was in order, but the more time I spend reading and listening to people, it seems like that is probably overly ambitious.

For all that I have been told to date, the east coast has loads of opportunity to catch little towns and park areas (I am a wildlife biologist). Place like Coolangatta, Nimbin, Noosa, Airlie Beach, Townsville as seem to have a strong appeal.

As I have some three months to continue my planning efforts, I am very interested in any feedback and suggestions....I am SOOOO looking forward to this trip....I can't even put it into words!

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I'm far from an expert but I believe Australia has some of the most unique wildlfie on earth, it and New Zealand. I only did a tourist trip but came across some pretty varied terrain, from the 'desert-like' outback to the rainforest of Northern Queensland. Not to mention the Barrier Reef. I would imagine that any single area could occupy a month with ease. Good luck and enjoy!

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We spent 7 months in a motor home doing a rushed tour of mainly the western half of Oz - so 1 month to do all is not practical.
The east coast is very well endowed with hostels, backpacker accommodation and hugely good value, flexible tours. However this is by far the most urbanised part of Oz. Getting amongst wild-life is easy as it is in (mainly birds & possums) and very to the cities. However country human life you have to leave the coast (in the east) or the major cities (elsewhere).
Our website of our trip will give you lots of info re sights & feels if you are not focusing on the east coast -
If you do want to major on the east coast then I think the south coast of NSW and central-north coast of Qld are your best bets for country life & wild-life

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I live in Cairns and I would reckon it to be one of the most laid back places. Nice sun, sand beaches, rainforest, and ... montains!! I've written a whole section about it.. so you can check it out... Hopefully it's of some help, otherwise feel free to ask anything.

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Depending on what time of the year (december to feb) anywhere on the east coast is going to be packed with thourist not only from abroad but from Australia> i'm aussie bormn and bread from a small country twon and have lived in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania I'd recomend of all these places tasmania without a doubt it's the island state based at the bottom below victoria if you can't find it on amap. it has most of the speices found in austrlia plus a few unquire ones of its own including austrlia's only diseducious tree a brich that drops it's leaves around march i think and the tasmnian devil along with others of course. It may be slightly colder but what it lacks in climate it makes up for in amazing landscapes and abundant flora and fuana and huge espanses of world heritage listed wilderness area. one i've just spent 6 months here and that was not enough you could. You could never experince all of australia, it's varing climates, flora and fauna types and it's people in one month.
I'd say see the reef and daintree, then go to the Desert and get your arse down to Tasmania. The east coast is over touristed and over populated if you like to get pissed and get a shag it's prim but otherwise head bush.

Safe travels mate.

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