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Hey, im going to Thailand for about a year. I plan to get a tefl while im out there and live on an island like samui or phuket for the first 3-5 months before going Chiang Mai to get a better job and experience that for a while. Im hoping to learn some muay thai while im out there so would want to be working part time ish - enough so im not just burning money & can get an adequate amount of teaching experience. Id also like to dedicate time to learning guitar, fire spinning & kayaking.

If someone can give any advice or suggestions on job opportunities on the islands, tefls from thailand or anything really than id appreciate it. What kind of price will accomodation cost? Well, i have more questions that i cant think of now so please feel free to say whatever. Thankyou all.

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To teach in Thailand you need a degree and a TEFL certificate....many of the ones you get in Thailand aren't recognised anywhere else - some even in Thailand.

You can get work at the government schools which pay about 30 k pm or work for a private school who will pay between 300 and 600 per hour for teaching either in their building or in industry etc on site.

some people work illegally and some get caught and deported.

schools want someone they can rely on....i.e. stay for a whole accademice year (govt school) or turn up on time and regularly (private language schools).

If you main priorities are going off and having a good tinme at the expense of the school you will soon be dismissed.

IMO it is best to get a CELTA or Cambridge/Trinity Certificate at home (or in Thailand ?) and a bit of experience under your belt first.

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Hey thanks for the reply,

The schools i found online say the certificate they provide is recognised everywhere, and most say they offer job placements. Some of the ones i was considering were & i thought it would be better to do it there as id be able to get experience with Thai children in the environment & also its fairly cheap compared to the uk (plus i get to meet other people/teachers & learn in a good location)

Id be very dedicated to teaching, its just ive heard that part time- type work is just as normal to come across as full time & if i want to learn some new skills like kayaking etc i would prefer to do that (esp as ive saved a whole years salary to go do so). Im not a studenty type who would go get trashed every other night. I would like to teach, especially in Thailand. Im not sure i would want to be teaching at one place for a year tho, do you know if 6monthly courses can be found in Thailand?

The government jobs sounds good actually - id like to work in a decent establishment - i don't suppose you have a link or something i could look at? Also i have a degree in Comparative Literature & Film Studies so i doubt i can get any other job other than teaching. I have also heard that universities are pretty good for hiring english teachers - don't suppose anyone has any info on that. Anyway thankyou.

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Don't believe everything a school tells you.

research TEFL qualification too....

I can't see the point of getting a TEFL qual that's recognised in only one country. If it really IS recognised, that is.

CELTA or Trinity are the ones you want.

I wouldn't say that an island is the best place to teach as they are relatively short on opportunities - the Unies tend to want more quals or experience.

Govt schools can pay badly and can demand all sorts of extra curricula participation which doesn't leave a lot of time for anything you need to find out your EXACT responsibilities at these places.

Company courses are usually sold in 30 or 60 hour blocks 2 nights per week so you have to be available to teach until the end of a course and the company will want to be sure that you are available when they want etc...

Teaching in Thailand can be rewarding - I think the best thing to do is spend some time in the country looking at what's available.

If you have your own money you might want to make yourself useful and look into voluntary work or the lower paid jhobs - I have a friend who works part-time for the local Catholic School and makes up his money teaching in companies in te evening - this is par for the course for many govt teachers or teachers at schools.

If you are a fully Qualified teacher in your home country you may get work in the international schools who can pay a lot more.

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I think you're right, maybe choosing one of those courses isn't the best idea. Im finding it hard to find credible schools in thailand (or anywhere for that matter) that tell you where the main CELTA sections are - i searched the internet and as you suggested the CELTA seems much more worthwhile.

I was hoping to teach near the beach which is why i wanted to go to an island - mainly as ive never lived anywhere near the ocean and have spent my life in big cities so will prob try that anyway.

A big problem is that im itching to get away and have been waiting for ages saving money to go thailand. I never considered that the schools may be unreliable to be honest - guess im too trusting - but if i stay in the uk itll add at least another month before i can go, and during that time i will have to give up my day job to take the intensive course. I worried ill lose so much money from accom, travel, food if i do that, when i could be doing the course somewhere i want to be & then have less money to stay in Thailand.

If i say got a teaching assistants position for say a month, would that be a credible attribute to being accepted in the unis? I like the idea of working at a uni or a similar establishment? My current job is in advertising, so i cant really rely on that to bump up my experience.

As far as the volunteering is concerned - i honestly would love to, but im kinda going out on a limb financially with the year in Thailand - if i dont earn while i am there i will not have enough money to get a place to live when i get back to the UK. If i had a resonably paid job i would definitly think about doing it.

Thanks for all your help by the way

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I think you're going to have to spend some time in Thailand and find out what's going on here.

the cost of living is very reasonable especially if you live here and keep out of tourist traps.

in the meantime log on to - it's the thai english teachers web site