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1. Posted by Laura_B (Respected Member 352 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I will be spending 2- 3 weeks working in Bangalore end of Jan or early Feb. I'm hoping to extend my stay after my work is finished. Can anyone recommend a trip for around 5-7 days from Bangalore? I have thought about going to Goa, but not sure if it's too far?

I would rather take a train, but will be willing to fly.


2. Posted by arif_kool (Travel Guru 1757 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

hi Laura,

Since u have around a week in Bangalore i would advise u the following:

1. Move from Bangalore to Mysore which is around 3-4 hr by road and stay there for a couple of days. Mysore has a lovely palace, brindavan gardens and Tipu Palace.
2. move from Mysore to OOty which is again 3-4 hrs by road, stay there for a 2-3 days and enjoy the hill station.
3. From Ooty u can take a overnight luxury bus to Chennai and spend 2-3 days there, visiting Pondicherry, Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, etc

From chennai u can take an overnight train to Bangalore which ends ur trip.

Hope this helps, do let me know if u need more info


3. Posted by Laura_B (Respected Member 352 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks very much for your reply, I will look into these suggestions.

I am a 29 year old girl who will be travelling alone. Will it be safe for me to do this? Are there any dos & don'ts?

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Mysore is a must, and i would really consider Hampi as well, the highlight of the South for me. You could easily fill 5 days just with these two towns.

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Yes its perfectly safe to travel and as suggested by earlier poster Mysore and Ooty are really worth enuf to visit. Its ends very cheap if u plan ur trip well....keep asking :)

6. Posted by arif_kool (Travel Guru 1757 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

hi Laura,

It is pretty much safe in south india, just follow the usual precautions as is expected for a tourist

Try travelling in AC-3tier coaches in trains, the fare of which is slightly more than the ordinary sleeper class.

Take the following precautions:

1. Dont hang out too late at night, especially in isolated places
2. Dress modestly
3. If ur lost and need help avoid middle-aged men, seek help from women or elderly people
4. Try to book ur train/air tickets in advance

have a nice trip

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hi Laura,

Welcome to from bangalore as well... I am not sure as what kind of places you are looking forward to see around... If you like beaches best will be goa...If you are interested in culture mysore & Hampi are ideal places. If you like hill stations you can try ooty,kodaikanal or coorg..if you like backwaters kerala is the best option. I feel with 7 days , you can comfortably cover anyone of the above or you can club places based on your interests.

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Quoting Laura_B

I am a 29 year old girl who will be travelling alone. Will it be safe for me to do this? Are there any dos & don'ts?

Safe enough but I would avoid wearing any revealing clothes including shorts and sleeveless tops.
Also avoid wearing those Indian skirts we buy in the West. They are in fact sari petticoats and will likely make the frequent sexual harassment in India even more frequent.
Also u can do things like travelling in the family carriages of trains and eating in the family section of restaurants.
When I was in India I did not feel it was safe to wander around the streets after dark so maybe avoid doing that.


PS A very useful piece of advise Arif gave. Whenever u need help with anything ask older men and women. Even taking taxis look for an older man. They are not as interested in ripping off tourists as younger men. An Indian guy gave me this advise on the plane on my way to India and it was probably the most useful advise anyone gave me about India.

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hi laura
goa isnt too far really, take the train,
and if uve never been its definately worth a visit
theres so much or so little to do there, i will possibly be round there mid to late jan and upto a month after that,
im gonna attempt a south india tour of some form and goa is definately on the list
ive been there a few times on holidays and would recommend it to anyone
ill give you the quick run down on what i did while i was there
there are a few good markets definately worth the visit, especially the hippy market in anjuna
north goa is a bit more lively, i say a bit, its 10 times more lively, but still very peaceful when compared to most other places on the planet and its silent compared to anywhere in the uk
i think its thursday? nights, there is a nightclub open called club cabana in the hills of arpora
good fun, dance music, its an open air place with a free bar (it was last time i went)
pay to get in and all u can drink is free
theres crocodile tours with some very big (20ft+) crocs
the waterfall trip where u meet the monkeys (keep hold of your bag, them monkeys take a liking to anything u have)
south goa is very peaceful and quiet and perfect for people just looking to sit at the beach and enjoy the sun
the sea is warm (lovely) but there is a pretty strong undercurrent so its not the best but there are safe places and u will usually tell by if theres other people in the water anyway
panjim (panaji) north/central goa, a major city, nice place if u like that kind of thing
right outside the market in panjim theres a nice jewellers where u can buy some good gold
calangute and baga (north) are pretty cool places, i didnt do much south goa but i did go to paradise beach
i think its near palolem, it was completely deserted and we had a campfire in the evening with an indian band playing music
theres the spice tours, the elephant tours,
basically i could type all night but its already late, my advice would be to give goa a try
its easy to find a place to stay in the north, the major hotels are usually busy but theres always some smaller ones with spare rooms and if your not fussy on where u say u can get a room for as little as £3-5 a night in the height of tourist season
when i arrive in goa ill probably head for baga and see if i can find a nice hotel for a few days while i prepare my trip south
even a nice hotel in goa is very very cheap compared to uk prices so u really have the choice
anyway i hope u have a great trip and make the most of it
a couple of days is nowhere near enough
i think u may end up booking a longer stay when u get back home, its one of them places which keeps calling u back

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