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i know what you must be thinking, i want to drive around the world with a car, (no planes, only when returning home). I feel that, you get to see more on the road and experience more. Does anyone think this is crazy??? Has anyone done it yet???

Here is the places I am planning to go to (roughly, by just looking at the world map.).
Start off in London, go around Europe (Sweden, France, Germany, Holland ect…) and end up in Spain.

From there, cross over to Morocco, and drive through Algeria, Libya, Egypt and go to Middle East.

Drive around Lebanese, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Oman then Yemen. From Yemen, cross to Eritrea or ethopia, then through Uganda, Kenya and end up in Tanzania.

Basically start from London and end up in Tanzania, you must wonder why Tanzania, well, I lived there for couple of years and would like to end my journey there.

Coming back to London, I will take a plane back home. (not driving back again, lol, now that would be crazy).
Ok, after reading that, what do you think?? Is it possible??? Can it be done?? Has anyone done it before??

I personally think its crazy, a death wish, because with the war and some countries through Africa and Middle East might not welcome you with kind.

Considering the country like Ethiopia (conflict with Somalia), that’s could be a risk.
Changing cars is also a problem. Renting a car could be an option from country to country maybe?? What do you think???

Sleeping would be a problem, sometimes in hotel, sometimes in the car. What do you think???

This is a big project, need some serous advice?? I haven’t started planning it, need to get some opinions before going ahead with you.

Ps. Will document the whole journey, by video recording and pictures.

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Do a google search for "drive around the world". One of those links showed some people who did the sort of thing you are talking about doing only they started in the USA and were sensible enough not to go to war ravaged/lawless countries. If you go in to the correct site it will open you can view the whole journey seeing the route that was taken etc.

Not sure if you are aware, but getting a visa for Saudi Arabia is almost an impossible task unless you are a muslim and even then it is difficult. One person every so often will be issued one for transiting purposes but you get allocated an exit point and only allowed a few days to get there. Goodluck with your expedition

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Like aharrold said, SA is the tricky one and depends on luck. You can get a transit visa when there is no other option for you to get from point A (for example Jordan) to point B (for example UAE) so basically that is only possible when you are driving your own car, not renting one. Also this transit visa is valid for 3 days, so not a chance you will see a lot of the country.
Also, the Moroccon-Algerian border is closed for travellers at least and getting into Libya requires a visa arranged with a local tour operator and involves some itinerary with that same company as well.

The other countries are less of a hassle, but the african countries are not really known for their good roads, so I hope your username does not mean you are driving a BMW 316;) Toyota Landcruiser or Land Rover Defender (the older ones preferably) are your best choice, although every know and then someone manages to get through Africa by Citroen 2CV

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thanks a lot for the advice, i guess its not straight forward as i thought, need to re-plan my trip.