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1. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

going to Predeal (Transilvania in Romania) for snowboarding and some little travel in the area.
it's my 1st time in Romania. Any tips?
I would like to hear from ppl who have been there or/and have travel-expirience in Romania at general.
all is relevant: public transport tips, accomodation and local food, snowboarding in Predeal itself, the top sights of Transilvania (need choose about 2-3 only).. etc
hope hear from you

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Hi, nice location.I know this place quite well because I worked there for 1 year.There is a tourist information centre, they can help you with more details.As you know it is a small town (6000ppl), the nearest city is Brasov (where I live), you can get there easily(25 min), there are minibusses leaving from the train station.
You should try to get to Sinaia and Busteni where you can ski.If you want to have a good traditional food you should go to Brasov, it's also cheaper (I will not post any names here for obvious reasons !)and for the same reasons I will not give you any names for accomodation but in case you haven't booked any room you must do it ASAP!
You should also go to Sibiu or Sighisoara - which are like Brasov medieval cities.
When you are in Predeal do not take a taxi - very expensive !
Anything I can help u with ?

3. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

:) thank you!
about accomodation, i'm trying to book a room right now.. saying the truth, i'm busy with it about 2 weeks already and owners answers with such delay... and sometimes not answer at all.. that it makes me little scared to stay homeless. My husband and me going there for 2 weeks and main thing is snowboarding. We choosed Predeal because it seems easy transportation from /to Bucharest and also (i hope so) less crowded than Poiana and Sinaia.

I mentioned Sighisoara (made a search online) and very interested to go there. Tell me, pls, is it possible to make 1 day trip there from Predeal and return to sleep "at home"? it seems pretty far and not sure how it connected.
Sibiu - i dont know about it yet, i'll take a look online :)
transportation becomes a big deal - as it's winter + equipment.. ohhh...

What is the best (and cheapest) way to get to Predeal from airport? Train form Bucharest?

and.. well, i understand that u dont mean to advertise any of hotels/casa's there, but if you could reccomend some names anyway (mb by email?) - i'll be very thankful. I'm working hard , searching for accommodation, and i feel that we are messing around. All that we need - it's clean and quiet budget place. I dont expect swimming pool and FB, but kitchen is welcome. The almost most important is location - not far from ski-lift.

:) many thanks!

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my tips:
1- public transport in romania is slow and ineficient.

2- the best way to move is renting a car but be careful with police, they are gonna ask for money if they realize that you are a foreigner. so dont look tourist.

3- be careful with roads, bad roads and tons of crazy drivers ready to overtake anywhere.

4- accomodation is more or less cheap and good.

5- brasov is agreat city with good nighlife. dont miss the view from the mountain!!

6- is an aerea with nice people. in romania a few areas people are extremely nice , but, otherwise, in som points they are stupid and rude.

7- do not take taxis!!! they are gonna charge you 500 % more just because you are a tourist!!

8- visit? if you have the chance dont miss sibiu (capital european culture 2007), sinai and peles castle, cluj... and if you have time extra .. painted monasteries... awesome area... but winter cold and isolated!!

9- transilvanian moutains are great!! its so traditional...

hoping being useful.... good luck!!

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about Sighisoara : it's easy to get by train (A 1745 - leaves at 9:48 arr. 12:33 and return R at 18:14 - arr. 20:45).You'll have plenty of time to visit ans Sibiu it,s at the same distance so you can visit it in another day.
Do not expect Predeal t be less crowded than Sinaia or Brasov because during winter holidays it is not!
The cheapest way to get from Bucharest to Predeal is by train.Take the Express 783 get off at Piata Victoriei stop and take the metro 1 stop to Gara de Nord (train station).
And finally about the accomodation as I said it's not easy during this time of the year you should e-mail them or phone them or I can recommend you some places.There will be people waintin at the train station offering cheap accomodation (the worse case scenario!)but it;n not something you want to do even if you can get a good deal.I am a travel guide myself so I am now in UK so I cannot help you more.

6. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

thank you, guys! was very helpful