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We are goint to Spain & Portugual for 8 days. It's the first time visiting these places. We are doing the planning, any suggesetion or want to meet up there?

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I went in Andalucia for 14 days on feb/march 1 year ago.

some places where I went:

Cadiz : the unique city where Carneval will be celebratet. It´s not like Rio, but you ´ ll can see various groups of carneval clubs and groups in the streets .

El Puerto de Santa Maria : This harbour city it´s the most beautiful one, on the Coast. I did from there a gratis ferry trip to Cadiz.

Sevilla : A city which have various offerings for everybody : a porcelain district / arabian baths : take a walk around 7 basin with different temperatures, get a massage and have a break on a warm seat bench with a cup of tea. I a romantic ambiance. One passage is defined on 20 guests and 2 hours./ a sightseeing tour by bus : with audio tour guide , spoken by a native speaker; you ´ ll can take every sightseeing bus , enter and leave the bus on every station within one day./ Unfurtunately the gardens, where the world exhibition on 1992 took place on the island of cartuja , are closed on this time.

Granada: The City has an oriental flair with it´s oriental shops and dealers. There a a lot of arabien tea rooms./ A parc with birds of prey show, butterfly house, historical and natural science museum/ the secondary most visited sightseeing in Europe: The Alhambra. It´s a good time to visit it , with less visitors you ´ ll get easier tickets, on february

Gaudix : There still live people in caves. There´ s restaurant and a original flat to visit.

Nerja : beautiful town on the Costa del Tropical/ worth to visit : the balcony of Europe :)

Well, in local restaurants and snack bars it´s in use to give a gratis meal to drink. So don´t ´ re be surprised if the waitress will bring you a not ordered meal.

The cities on the Costa del Sol are dominated by the mass tourism, with Mc Donalds and Aldi stores on the beach.

Hope that helps

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As i am portuguese i would choose portugal but not both in 8 days.
Depends on what you like but either way try Lisbon, the university city of Coimbra, the beautiful Aveiro and Oporto.
And try the train trip that follows Douro river upstream to Régua. yeah try this one. its beautiful and you can see the true Portugal during the way.
Maybe 2 days in Lisbon,half a day in Coimbra,half a day in Aveiro (in the afternoon), 1 day in Oporto and 1 day for the train trip and back to oporto.
Leave Spain for when you have more time :).

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