two months in canada, how many £s needed?

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ok well i have missed out on getting a working visa for canada since you have to send all the documents off by the 20th and its now the 21st and i have to apply for a new visa since mine is full, too many stamps from asia lol...

so i'm thinking about just spending two months travelling around canada as a tourist instead but my quuery is how much money would i need?

i would fly into vancouver and out of toronto... so i would be making my way accross the whole country, probs by bus and train, maybe taking the odd flight, it would all depend on cost... i am still doing my research on where i want to visit but i deffo want to see Vancouver, Edmonton (have a friend who lives there) Toronto and Halifax... i would be looking to fly out from Manchester around the middle of may and stay for two months, so it would be the summer months that i was there (peak season??)

if i had £1000 would that be enough?

Steph x

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Hi Steph,

Canada is expensive!

Even though we get 2 / 1 on the exchange rate we found it very expensive.

If you want an idea of costs and where to go etc. then you can check our Canada blog site

It might give you some ideas as to where to go and some of the relative costs involved.

To give you an idea we travelled for 3 months and travelled for 1 month on train... the rest on buses.

It cost us (2 of us) 5000 pounds sterling for the 3 months ! Sounds a lot but a hostel in Toronto or Vancouver will cost you about $30 per night !!!! so it all adds up.

Hope this helps... it is a great place to visit though and well worth going!


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Canada becomes expensive because it is so big! We do not have a rail system such as you have in Europe. Adding to this, you are travelling long distances to get anywhere. I would recommend spending time in Vancouver, heading up to Whistler. Via Rail runs from Vancouver through the Rockies, Jasper, and onto Edmonton, but I think it is rather pricey, more of an older crowd. If you enjoy the outdoors and winter sports, B.C. has everything, just do your research. Two months in Canada will be expensive, we do not have the backpacker infrastructure of Europe, Australia, or SE Asia, because most travellers come here to work in the resorts. I would budget for 50 quid/day. Also, the greyhound bus service is terrible. it is very uncomfortable and long, especially through the mountains. Check out flights with westjet or AC Tango, you may pay a bit more, but is worth not taking the bus. Make sure you go to west edmonton mall. Canada is a great place, it is expensive to travel in, but well worth every penny. i would recommend going to montreal, one of the best cities in the world, better than toronto! Enjoy