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I'm planning to be in South America this coming summer. I've been doing some research as to what to do and see, but I know from previous travel that some of the best things to do and see is not always what's advertised. Drawing on the experience of travelers on this site, what are some things I shouldn't miss when I'm in South America?

I have 4 months to travel, so i was planning to spend 2 months in South America and the other 2 months in Africa and Egypt. Is this reasonable?


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there is never enough time for southamerica! i was planning to be there for 3months, extended my trip for an extra 2months, and still i had to leave many things behind and felt it wasnt enough time!

2months is ok if you concentrate in a region, and only visit certain areas (peru and bolivia, or the south cone...). It is a good option if you've never been to SA and dont really know what to expect, as i said for me it wasnt enough time, but for some people it is! From my point of view, i would rather spend the whole four months in SA or in Africa, and at least you can get a reasonable good feeling of the continent, rather than rushing around the world.

As per places not to miss, it is difficult to say! most of them are well known by now, but apart from the hot spot such as iguazu falls, machu pichu, the patagonia etc.. i was pleaseantly surprise by the tour from uyuni (not just the salt flats, but the 4day tour that takes you to the southwest of the country and almost to the border with chile)

Good luck!


Ps. by the way, if you are planning to travel in the summer, those are very good months to do the bolivia - peru region as it is the dry season, but the patagonia it is EXTREMELY cold... remember to take things like that into account! :D

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you could easily spend a month in Peru alone! Highlights there for me included Cusco, machu picchu, lake titicaca and nasca. You could also try to get into the jungle, Iquitos being the easiest place to do a jungle trip. And the ballesta Islands are meant to be good. Colca Canyon was good, but not amazing, easy to book from Arequipa, which is worth a day itself. I'd have also liked to have had time to look round the ruins at ollantaytambo, it's a nice town with a relaxed pace worth spending the night there, and you can easily get there on the cusco - machu picchu train. I spent a fair bit of time cycling round smaller villages as well which was one of my favorite bits, not so much for the places visted but the pace of the travel.