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I am planning to take a train ride from Beijing to Lhasa. Just wondering anyone out there will be taking the same route in March 2008. If you have taken this route previously, I welcome any suggestions or tips you may have.


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hi, i did this trip last october and it is quite amazing, i went from Chengdu to Lhasa as i stopped off en route from Beijing in Xian and Pingyao...

i would say take plenty of reading material as its a very long journey and take plenty of snacks with you too, they provide a big flask of boiling water which everyone uses to cook their pot noodle dishes... just be aware that things like crisp packets swell with the altitude and can pop! we all got a shock in the middle of the night when one of your exploded lol...

if you meet any other westeners who will be taking the trip with u then thats a bonus aswell... i was with my partner and we were sat with 4 other chinese people who didnt speak a word of english and who we nicked named brothers grim because the spent the whole time taking up one of our beds, picking their noses, coughing without covering their mouths and just being generally gruesome!! oh and they were spitting on the carpet! ick!

enjoy it though, the train stops in two stations on the way up which provides a welcome break and stretch of the legs... take plenty of film roll or make sure you have lots of memory on the camera for taking pics...

hope this is helps

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Hello did you need to book your ticket a long time before you travelled? Or can you just turn up at the station

I will try and take the train in late September. I don't really want to pay some agency a premium.



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Well your going to have to pay agency because Tibet (TAR) is a restricted area. In order to get into the TAR you need to have a TAR permit which can only be given to you by a travel agent. It is easy enough to arrange the permit in Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu or Xining. Just remember that from Chengdu the best way is to take a bus to Xining and then arrange stuff there.

September can be hit or miss because the high tourist season in China doesn't really end till after National day (oct 1st). Although it does slow down some in September. I would agree with the above person that maybe breaking the trip up is better. Take a train just to Pingyao, then to Xi'an, maybe from there go to Lhasa. It is much easier to get a ticket in Xi'an then in Beijing. There are also several Tibetan areas around that don't require permits. I have done a lot of work on the Tibet section in the wiki guide and you should check it out. Lots of information.