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I'm planning on going traveling next summer to Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. I plan to travel NZ with the 'Kiwi Experience' and Fiji using the 'Fiji Experience'. I'll be in Thailand for four weeks, but I want to travel around bits of Asia in that time that aren't too far away. I suppose I could use internal flights to do this, as apparently they are very cheap in Asia. What about Australia though? I'm planning on traveling all the way down the gold coast and spending six weeks doing it. I'm not sure how to travel down the coast though. I know there is something called the 'Oz Experience', but apparently it's nowhere near as good as the NZ and Fiji equivalent. Also, I'm sure internal flights would be really expensive in Australia.

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Most flights in Australia are dirt-cheap. A one-way flight with Virgin Blue from Cairns to Sydney for a random day in June that I just searched on costs $125 (AUD). If you wait till the last moment to book it, the cheapest fare might no longer be available - but then, you could look at qantas or jetstar, too, and so I doubt you'd ever have to pay more than $200.
The regular way to travel from destination to destination, however, is using Greyhound buses. There's cheap passes which'll cover the entire east coast. (For example, the "mini travellers" for the entire Cairns to Sydney distance, being valid for 45 days, costs $312.)

As for the kiwi experience: most people in this forum (myself included) will tell you to think twice before going with them. It's significantly cheaper to travel by yourself using regular 'public' transport (intercity buses), and that way you won't need to endure the endless sales pitches for activities that the kiwi experience gets a kickback on, plus you avoid the main kiwi experience customers, namely the crowd of 18-21 year olds far more interested in partying, getting drunk, and getting laid, than in the New Zealand destinations they pass by.
Of course, that's a generalization, and thus not completely accurate - there's plenty of people who have a great time travelling with them, and I suppose they offer great service for people who'd rather not want to do their own research on what to see and where to go... it's just that it's so supremely easy to get around independently in Australia and New Zealand that the mere idea of going on an expensive organized tour just gives us the shudders.

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Thanks! That greyhound pass seems perfect for me! I don't suppose you have any advice on getting around Thailand? This will be the first stop on my trip and I plan to stay there for four weeks. I'd like to see more than just Thailand though while I'm in Asia. I'd like to make my way to Singapore etc (this is where I'll be flying to Cairns from). I'm guessing that internal flights might be my best option to travel around Asia.

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