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1. Posted by cama900 (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

My son is coming to Heathrow Terminal 1 from Newcastle Airport to go to Sydney from Terminal 4 with British Airways. Can anyone give us directions/hints on what to do and how to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4. Many Thanks.

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Cant remember directions but I do remember it is fairly well signposted. I did the same in October (both arriving in heathrow and heading to Manchester and the return journey) and it took me an hour to get from terminal to terminal both times. It is a lot of standing around waiting for a bus, then security etc. The bus journey only takes about 10 minutes. The time it takes is frustrating-I had allowed 2 hours between my flight from manchester and my flight to hong kong-landed in Heathrow and we sat on the runway an hour waiting to find a bay to unload people. I was the last person to board my next flight-hence why I dont like Heathrow airport!!

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While checking in or droppping luggage, the BA staff give a folder which gives a good map of the route from Terminal 1 to 4. Also, you can get it from the british airways site.
And if both above fails, ask your son to follow the overhead directions to Terminal 4. They are clearly marked. It takes from 30-45 mins time ideally. And if in doubt, ask the airport personnel for directions.

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He could take the underground...Thats easy to find.

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Hi Cama,

I did this same cross over for my flight. It's really well signposted. If he's on a connection like I was the airport will have already allowed enough time for the journey. I remember mine was only an hour between flights and I was really worried about it, I even rang the airline to check there was no mistake! But there are loads of people doing the same thing and the airport know about it so they usher you in the right direction. Also, if it's a connection when he checks into the first flight from Newcastle they should be able to check him into the onward flight also, then his bags will be automatically moved for him and all he need think about is moving himself. There's a good map on the airport website with an explanation of the directions that I used, just google it. And if he asks when he arrives in Heathrow they'll give him a paper map.


6. Posted by cama900 (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Just to let you know, and for anyone else worried about connecting, my son has now done this with no bother. He got the bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 and it took approx 40 mins. He wasn,t the only one on his flight going for the connection either.
Thanks All For The Advice.:)