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Hey all

I´m currently in Chile on my RTW trip. The plan is to fly to Rio for the carnival (flights are booked). I then want to get to Ecuador and then travel overland through Peru and Bolivia and into Argentina for my flight home and plenty of steaks and red wine. However, it looks pretty hard to get to Ecuador from Brazil at a reasonable price.

Has anyone attempted this or got any advice;


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Your itinerary is among the less logical ones, I'm afraid. Since SA is pretty difficult to cross laterally, clockwise or counter-clockwise itineraries in general are much preferable to what you want to do.

I wouldn't know about cheap continental flights; but why not turn your plans around, and buy an open-jaw ticket flying into Rio and out of Quito or Guayaquil? That way, you can stick to overland travel while on the continent.

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I live in Rio. Through good aerial companions, it's pretty hard to find cheap flights to anywhere abroad. And I don't advise you to take companions that are not well known.
Something you could do is try to take a flight to somewhere in northern Brazil (they are not very cheap, though, but sometimes you can have luck and find something in promotion - that's more common with GOL: I'm afraid there isn't a version in English...). Then you would need to take a bus. But I don't know how that would work. Another matter is that Brazil doesn't have boundaries with Ecuador...

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Thanks for the replies.

I know our route isn´t ideal but that´s what we are doing. We´ve got flights from Sao Paulo to Quito but they ain´t cheap. Hopefully our budget will get back on track when we reach Ecuador!