please HELP me... irish need help

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hi can someone help girlfriend and i are travelling to san francisco at the end of january and then travelling down through the usa and into south america when our 90 day visa period is up and then staying travelling around south america for three months and then after that travelling back through america for another three months and possibly after that 90 day period going up to canada and back down through usa again

these are our problems can anyone out there help us

we plan to buy a car to travel around america and perhaps south america
problem one
how do we get through immigration in america without a return flight (as when we land in america we plan to buy a car to travel through the borders in south america and back up while not over- staying our 90 day limit)

problem 2
how do we prove we are leaving the usa for south america before our 90 day period as we are travelling by car.

can we fly from the usa to south america leaving the car in the usa to pick up later and if so do we need proof of a return ticket when going through south america

it would be much appreciated please help

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Have some sort of proof of your onwards travels to present to them at the airport when you arrive. Book accommodation in Mexico for the date you need to be leaving the States for example. Even better, sell you car (or have someone look after it for you) before you leave the States and book a flight so you have proof of onwards travel :)

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leaving your car in the usa might be easiest in the long run. my guess is it would be better than trying to sell it anywhere south of there. people who drive to south america encounter the problem of crossing the darien gap, or getting around it, which is a bit more of a hassle when you have a car to find transportation for. also, public transportation south of the usa is a lot easier to find, not to mention cheaper.

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Distances from the US to the major cities of South America are really long--and as pointed out already, getting through the Amazon jungle just south of Panama, and then again east from Peru to the cities of Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo safely by car is almost impossible. You can drive as far as Panama City, but you should then plan to fly onwards to Rio de Janeiro, pick up transportation south to Buenos Aires, then travel west across Argentina to Chile and come back up the west coast to Lima, Peru or Medellin, Columbia. From Lima or Medellin you can get a flight to Los Angeles or San Francisco.


P.S. What an adventure--have fun!

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Here's a link on the Darien Gap--and the missing 54 miles of road from Panama to Columbia.

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I've never checked into renting or leasing a car for a three month period, but if you could do that it might be a lot cheaper, plus your rental/lease contract might help substantiate that you're planning to leave after that period? Rentals would save you the hassle of licensing. I think insurance is going to be a similar hassle with any of these options.