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1. Posted by JayDizzle (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys,

I have spent all day going through these forums and have to say it has been very useful and cant ask much more on advice, but I shall share my thoughts and hope you can help like you have done for many others..
I finish university come June 07 and plan to go traveling RTW thereafter from the UK. I have a £5000 budget in total. I was wondering how much time I realistically can spend traveling around. I do not intend to have many more stops then 4 or 5, and these include Mumbai in India, Bangkok, Australia, NZ. I was thinking I can probably scrape 4-6 months gallivanting around, as the ticket to travel will cost £1000 leaving me with £4000, and am sure there are insurance costs+visa to consider which could take me down to £3500 or so. I figured thailand and India would be cheap, and I have a place I can stop at in NZ where I can stay for free. I plan to live fairly cheap (hostels etc) and want to spend a month or so in each country.
All I ask for is people opinion on if this is doable and whether or not I have not considered any other costs or perhaps I can make it a longer stint? When would be best to jet of?? Thanks for reading and look forward to peoples replies! :)

Jay D

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Hi Jay D,

I did 5 months travelling Singapore, Australia, NZ, Fiji and USA. The USA was really expensive and ate a lot of budget, but Australia and NZ were really good budget-wise. Being from the UK really helps cos everywhere seems to cheap! From what I've heard India sounds quite good for a budget, although I've never been so can't comment from experience.

I tend to think £30-£35 as a daily average is about right. Some days you might want to do something exciting like take a tour or do an activity, and other days you might be happy to wander around, laze on a beach or just sight see. So sometimes you need more money and other days you need less. So if it were me I'd think £32 is a pretty good average. Have you thought of how you'll get around, i.e. public transport, rental car etc? That might affect how long you decide to stay in one place.

From a rough calculation, at £30 a day, that's £210 per week, £882 a month. So for £3500 you'd be looking at about 4 months, give or take. If you wanted to work a little out there, say fruit picking, you could stay out longer.
That's of course just my idea of a budget, I'm sure other people will have different ideas.

I did a very similar thing to you, finished uni and planned to travel, but my budget wasn't quite what I wanted as I didn't want to work and I wanted to rent a car in each country. So I worked through a temping agency for a few months and set off on the 1st March. It meant when I went I was really prepared because I'd had heaps of time to research the places and things to see and I trebbled my budget in that time.

I hope this helps


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Hi Sarah, you have told me exactly what I was looking for!!

Thanks you ever so much for your advice! I thinking working sounds like a good idea whilst I am away, or I may even try get a few months of temping in before I jet of!

Everything seems to be slowly falling into place and I just needed a travelers advice on a couple of things so appreciate it greatly!

My only option now to make is whether to book a one way ticket and see where it takes me or book the RTW now so I know where I am going etc What did you do?? I feel like I don't want to be restricted to one place or country in case I meet someone who suggest something more adventurous or fun to do and can the option to leave a place when I want seem more appealing at present, but then theres the security of booking everything before hand in terms of finance etc


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Hi Jay,

I'm glad I could help.

With regards to plane tickets, I booked a RTW. I had a time limit on when I had to be back because my other half was starting a contract that had already been arranged, so we planned where we were going to make sure we could fit it in. But if you have no time restriction and are happy to work as you go, maybe an open ended ticket would be good for you? For me a big decider would probably be the price difference! We got our tickets thru STA travel and were told that we could change the dates of leaving each country as we went, so it was good to know there wouldn't be a restriction, although they always say there may be a small fee to pay.

In the USA we moved our leaving date back by a week and were not charged, so for us it worked out great.

If it were me I think I'd get a few quotes on different types of tickets and see if that helps make a decision.

Have a fantastic time!