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Hi hear horror stories about this crossing. Can anyone give tips on the best and safest way to do it?

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Assuming you cross at Huaquillas, as most do; the crossing can be a bit overwhelming, but is generally considered safe. Some tips:

  • Make sure that you get an exit stamp at Machala on the Ecuadorian side. The international bridge is no man's land; both border stations are a couple of miles away. You won't be given an entry stamp by Peruvian authorities without presenting the Ecuadorian exit stamp. Also, make very sure you actually get an entry stamp for Peru (cases have been reported of officers forgetting about it, which gives a lot of hassle when you want to leave again)
  • Whatever you do, don't change money near the bridge. There are reputable banks in Huaquillas; if you come from Guayaquil, change some dollares into soles there (larger banks can do this)
  • Keep valuables out of sight. No rings, cameras, etc. Keep pocket money for taxis etc. separate from your main cash supply
  • Form a group (4 to 5 is ideal) with other travellers. Couples and single travellers, esp. women, are more vulnerable
  • AFAIK (but my knowledge dates back 4 years) there are busses on the peruvian side. If you decide to take a taxi, make sure you get an official one

good luck!

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I did it the other way around, Peru to Ecuador, I was really nervous after hearing all the stories... but everything worked out fine, the line was a bit long, but no big deal. :)

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We crossed inland to Piura from Loca. The Bus was direct. The crossing was simple and the bus dropped us on the bridge. We got our exit stamp walked across the bridge and got our entry stamp..... simple as anything.

Depends on your route into Peru. If you´re going to Banos, then it´s ideal to go to Rio Bamba and then down to Loca where the bus was direct to Piura.

You only miss on Mancora and it´s overrated anyway :) Full of gringos !!!

Huanchaco is much better for the beach scene and that´s further south anyway.

We´ve heard lots of stories from travellers about the coast crossing and we´re so glad we didn´t bother doing it..... up to you of course

Hope this helps and enjoy