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Tried to find som easy way to make reservation at the YHA in Dubai, had no luck.. can anyone help me? Also.. I read somewhere that you can only stay for 3 night in a row, then have to wait an see if maybe they have rooms availably if you wanna stay longer.. is this a fact?

And last.... what are the cost for staying? want to rent a dobbelroom..



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I remember having the same problem a few years ago when I tried to reserve a room at this place - I ended up phoning them to book it. I'm not sure about the other things - i only stayed for 3 nights; the price was reasonable and included breakfast.

If it's the same owner, a Mr Ahmed, he was incredibly helpful with arranging tours etc, and providing info about Dubai. It's a decent enough hostel towards the airport, a bus journey away from the centre.

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Hey Hilde,

I did some searching and their own website is http://www.uaeyha.com/, email address is uaeyha AT emirates.net.ae and phone number is 9714 2988161 (or 2988151 (Administration) after 17:30 Daily Dubai time). Fax # 9714 2988141. What blows about the yha is that they don't have a centralized booking system and for some reason they don't want to join any of the existing ones either, so it looks like you'll actually have to call them or email them to make the booking. The website does say typical bookings are 1-3 days, indicating they won't take bookings for longer in one go (weird!). I also read some feedback that there is a big difference in room type, so ask for the new ones since they're apparently much nicer!! Their prices are included on their website in a relatively easy to use table, but the jest of it for dorm beds is:

Room type A (no idea what this means):
Non member; 115
Member; 100

Room type B (no idea what this means):
Non member; 95
Member; 80

Room type C (no idea what this means):
Non member; 95
Member; 80

Normal taxi fare would be about Dhs 10-15 but airport taxis have a flag fall of Dhs 20 so it will be about Dhs 30-35 unless you leave the airport area to catch a city cab. Normal Flag fall around the city is Dhs 4. It is 10 minutes at the most from terminal 1,closer from terminal 2.

Hope that helps :)