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Money whilst in Australia / Fiji.

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Money whilst in Australia / Fiji.

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11. Posted by pinkgirlie (Full Member 121 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hey Kelly,

Wow you've got a popular post here!

£3,000 sounds like a good amount of money for 2 months. I bought my Greyhound ticket before setting off through STA. I think it was a monthly ticket which was useable for as many trips as we wanted as long as we kept going in the same direction (as in not a return) and the time began from the first day it was used. We actually decided to take a couple of internal flights up the east coast when we realised we hadn't planned enough travel days, but the cost of the Greyhound ticket (which I can't remember off hand) was really good compared to individual journeys and saved loads.

I think accommodation and travelling around is obviously going to be the most expensive of our trip, so the tent thing might be a good idea!!
How long did you go for?

The total trip was just short of 5 months, but we were in Australia for 7 weeks. We got a tent from Aztec that was pretty light and folded down really small.

In Fiji we didn't do the Fiji Experience or Awesome Adventures, we just planned our own trip. Most of the people we met out there were on one of the trips and they seemed to really enjoy themselves. It depends what sort of thing you're looking for though - my boyfriend and I wanted a romantic break where we could rest, lay on a beach and have a holiday. We were there 10 days. The organised trips on the whole seemed to be more independent travellers and groups and it seemed to be a lot of partying, and pretty expensive. The Yasawa Flyer goes through the island chain once a day, it sets off in the morning from Nadi harbour and arrives back late afternoon. I think it was 5-6 hours to reach the farthest Island. We booked 2 nights in Nadi (1 each end of the trip) and 8 nights on one of the few islands the Awesome Adventures trip doesn't go to. It worked out really well and we got the small resort to ourselves, which was perfect. If you want to know more send me a personal message and I'll look up the booking agents etc for you. We used a Fijian booking agent so the big companies weren't making a huge profit on us and it gave business to the people I think should have it.

While we were on the island in Fiji we met a couple who did the most awesome thing, and if I go back to Fiji it's definately what I'll do - they bought the Awesome Adventures tokens which allowed island hopping on the Flyer and the food tokens. They then started at the furthest island and worked their way back towards the harbour every few nights. They had 2 weeks and it worked perfectly. On the Flyer there is a booking agent, and they asked them to call ahead and ask if they could pitch their tent on the beach at the next island they wanted to see. They didn't pay a penny for accommodation and had the most fantastic time.

As for exchange rates, Fiji is really good, when I was there it was about 30p to the $. And in Australia it was 41p to the $. Just google exchange rates to find the most up-to-date ones. For Fiji we did get some money (in Fijian dollars, I've not heard of them taking another country's currency) before we arrived, which was good because on the island there was no electricity, let alone cash machine or exchange.

Ok, I've probably whittered on for ages now so I'll leave it there!!

I hope this helps,


12. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 615 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Kelly, £3000 is £50 a day, which should be plenty. We travelled, as a family of four, for not much more than that.
Work out where you really want to go and look at all the travel options. Check out car hire too because you'll pay for two bus tickets, but only one car - might work out better.
'Campsites' in Oz also have cabins, which vary from a shed with a bed to a lot more luxurious, but reasonably priced. Standards vary, but so do hostels. Don't just look at the usual 'backpacker' stuff - there are lots of reasonably priced options out there.

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