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21. Posted by NantesFC (Respected Member 531 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

It's been two obvious borders for me. Mexico-USA and USA-Canada (Niagara Falls). I don't really remember any other instances.

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I am gonna go back a few years, to the time that I spend my holidays with my parents. We spend most of the holidays in Austria. From one of these places it was pretty close to go to Liechtenstein. I don't know why, but little countries, always appealed to me. So I convinced them that we needed to go there. From Liechtenstein you can look towards Switzerland (on the other side of the Rhine.) For whatever reason, we didn't cross the river to drive into Switzerland. So I did see Switzerland long before I ever visited the country.

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mozambique on the edge of south africa - for several years we'd visit friends of ours who worked in tembe elephant park and then ndumu game reserve. in tembe, i would stick my hand through the game fence so i at least part of me had been there! in ndumu, there is a great rest stop where you can picnic and see mozambique from across the river. now i've gone and it was incredible.

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ive seen the isle of mann from england
hardly a great feat but its true, ive never been there, and i live almost next door
how about this one
ive seen bahrain thru a window at the airport once when we had a stop off travelling to goa
i also seen it as i came in to land and it looked like a cool but dangerous place
id love to get out there one time and have a look round
and this one has to take the biscuit
earlier this year me and a friend made a little trip
the idea was fly from liverpool to kaunas (lithuania), see lithuania and move onto riga (latvia) to explore there, then onto amsterdam to finish off the trip before coming back home to uk
all was fine till bad weather forced us to land at riga instead of kaunas, which meant we had to find some way of communicating with latvian people to find a bus which would take us to klaipeda in lithuania where we were meeting a friend
so basically, ive been into a country and travelled about 150 miles from its airport to its border without actually seeing anything apart from an outside toilet on a stop off
and because we were late getting into lithuania, it meant we were also late getting back out and into latvia so we travelled another 400 miles or so (could be a miscalculation) back from kaunas to riga (in daytime) but didnt have time to stop and have a look
ive never before had the chance to tell someone i was 'just passing thru' when they asked me what i was doing
apart from the border guards going back into latvia
ive always wanted to say that to someone and it came true for me
so in answer to the main question, yes ive seen a country and not had chance to visit (even tho i was in it)