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I will be going to New York for a week in July this year and I am unsure if I should visit Chicago. A friend suggests that since I am in that part of the world I should visit Chicago.. If I am going I have to pay $75 penalty for changing my flight to another date. I know it is known as the Windy City. What are the interesting things about Chicago and must see things in Chicago. I heard that it is a beautiful city located near the lake.


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Unless you have already seen a lot of New York, I'd actually suggest that you spend that week focussing on New York instead. There is plenty there to keep anyone occupied without having to go to another city. But personally, I think splitting your week over two cities will just mean you won't feel like you visited either city! And if you really must go to another city, I'd suggest visiting Boston, which is much closer to NY than Chicago.

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Yup, I have to agree with Peter....even though I like Chicago much more than NY. There is so much to see in both places, you could easily spend 2 weeks in either city and still not see everything.

Chicago is a great city, and there is so much to see. I suggest visiting in the future when you have more time. Summer is jam packed with festivals in Grant Park (right downtown). Winter has it's share of festivities as well, and hotel prices tend to come down over the holidays....but it is cold, and not necessarily windy all the time. The lake front is beautiful, and a half day lake cruise from Navy Pier gives the opportunity for some incredible pictures of the city. There are a half dozen world class museums all within walking distance of Grant Park as well.

Have fun in NY though!!

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- Hi Waterton,

- Previous posts here are- I.M.O.- dead on. Spend your week in nyc. You will not regret it. Plan a future week- long trip for Chicago. Autumn is an especially fine time to visit that city. Best, Kevin ;)

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Agree with the above. Chicago is a great city, but unless you can add a good amount of time to your trip you might as well just stay in NYC. If you've been there before and want to do something more, but in the same time frame maybe head to Washington, D.C. or Boston for a couple of days.

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I am biased here as I have to admit I loved Chicago and really prefered it to NYC. Having said that if you have to pick between the two and you only have a week you would be quite rushed to see them both and probably wouldn't appreciate the trip as much.

One of my regrets from my trip was spending only 3 days in Chicago. I thought it was the most beautiful city I visited during my 6 weeks in the USA, but I would have also had a large fine if I'd changed my tickets.

If your plan was originally just to see NYC maybe it's best to stick with it and use the $75 to do something fun.