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I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm on Ko Phi Phi right now on my 2nd 30 day visa. I need an extension for 2 days. I was told the easiest way for me would be to go to the US Immigration center on Krabi where I can get an extension for about 1,900 baht. Is this correct? Also, I don't need the extention until the end of the month. Can I get it anytime or do I need to do it within a certain time frame? And since I only need it for 2 days, would it be cheaper just to pay for the days I went over when I exit the country or will I get in trouble?

Any info would be great, thanks!

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When it comes to immigration and international laws I wouldn't risk overstaying. And besides if they know youve broken the law they may give you a hefty fine just for those 2 days.

If you have a US Immigration Center on Krabi that's pretty convenient, I'd say discuss it with them. 1,900 baht sounds a bit pricey for 2 days given that a 45 day visa would be close to that price, but hey it'd be better than being at risk of a pricey fine. (If you are buying this extention off a Thai person try ask if they can do anything for a better price)

Most people just hop the border and come back and they can refresh their visa, but being in Krabi/Phi Phi the closest borders are Burma and Malaysia, both might not be all that secure at the moment :(

As for timing I'm not sure, but it'd be better to organise sooner than later!


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Glad to see you are in Thailand and hopefully enjoying yourself. I think I advised you to not get yourself into a visa overstay situation. You can extend your 30 day visa for 7 days, price is 1,900 bt. Not really good value. Overstay is 500/day, so that option is cheaper. Thai Imm. usually gives you a pass on 1 day overstay, but not 2. My concern is that something happens to bring you into the attention of the police or Imm. during that 2 days. If you are stopped for any reason while overstaying your visa, they will take you to jail. After a few weeks in jail, then you pay the fine and are deported. Very steep price to pay for 2 days on an overstay.

Taryn, can you time this so you can get out on your last legal day? That would be the best option. If not, get over to the Krabi Imm. office when you still have 3-4 days left. Pay the 1,900 bt and all is well. You can roll the dice and arrive at your exit point and pay the 1,000 bt fine. I don't want you advise you to break Thai law, but that is an option. I would chat with those that have been in Thailand for months and then make a decision. Whatever you do, send me a PM when you have time and tell me about your adventure. Mike